Calming Chaos

Ever seen pearls falling, hitting and capering against perfect white floor??

Dramatic…i know..

I have similar scenario running my mind.

Too much to do…too many ideas…too many worries

Unread books begging for attention

Mind conflicted over next art project.

An incomplete novel with ever-changing story

A guitar that goes untouched for days (oh, forgot to tell you guys it got repaired and its back)


I am sitting here watching these pearls gently hammering the floor like raindrops.

I don’t know how to explain my state better than this.

It’s a good kind of chaos.

A calming chaos.


Not cacophonous

No screams

No pain

No anxiety


I can’t funnel the mist and condense it into proper stream right now.

I know I will be lost for a while.

But it’s okay. After all its a good kind of chaos.

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


66 thoughts on “Calming Chaos

  1. Once a poet, always a poet. It’s in your writing blood now. Not all poem rhymes, but it does leave the reader with a pondering deep feeling, like you did here. Explore and have fun. Have you come across Megha’s blog? Read some of her poetry if you haven’t. She writes from what I refer a heavy heart. Where you sweet one, write from a light, hurting heart with a touch of hope.

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  2. I liked this one so much because I can relate…the chaos…a pile of books to be read, (my obsession), a book written yet unfinished, another one in the making, a guitar that needs to be tuned. Much in common.

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  3. Thank you for liking my post! And yes, as everyone else in this comments section has been saying, I can completely relate. I have so many ideas, from art and writing projects to my future attempts to save the world. Ultimately, it’s the process, or I guess you could say the journey, that matters most.

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