Pure Magic

I have never experienced writer’s block.

But there’s another blockage that I have all the time, artist’s block.

With arts I am still in infancy.

It takes me days to decide what medium I want to work with. Or what I want to do next.

I lack inspiration and I am still not as fearless enough as an artist should be.

So I was watching tutorials and looking at images I saved for reference images, but nothing was helping.

And when I minimized all the windows I saw a picture of me and my mom, smiling.

My graceful mom was battling cancer and endless chemo cycles but that couldn’t fade her Winsome smile one damn bit.

And a thousand ideas came gushing like a storm.

Monkeys (my siblings) showed me a picture of mom, taken days before she left. It must have been painful for her to even try to smile but there she was with a flawless smile gracing her lovely face.

Well. My mom was pretty artistic. Let me show you one of her works.


She did it with ribbons.

when we asked her why did she do an “S” nobody’s name starts with an S, she innocently replied, on youtube they only had a tutorial of S.

Well, we are mean kids her both the parents’ names start with S.

That was the purpose of having her picture as background. So that I never feel demotivated.

So that I know she is smiling at me.

I look at her and suddenly every situation turns a bit more bearable. I don’t know how it happens but one look at her face starts untangling my thought process.

It pure magic.

I don’t know where all of this will go. But as long as I feel she is around me I will never stop fighting.

I just won’t stop, ever.

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


68 thoughts on “Pure Magic

  1. What a beautiful way to remember you mother. Her piece of art is gorgeous. I hope you’ve found your way into creating again. I understand when the creative process has gone on strike.


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