Ever Morphing Life..

Can you reserve a spot in life???



Not in yours. Not in anybody else’s

No matter what we tell ourselves to babysit our own fragile egos, we can’t own a place in anybody’s life.

They will give us the status they want to and trust me its not for eternity.

The moment I saw Reservation my mind drifted my to student life when one of us had to reserve seats for the entire group.

In life there are no seats.

You cant tell people “hey I am gonna be there in your life!”

No, they will call you clingy and treat you like a malignant tumor, try to detach you and throw you out.

And even if you fight to carve a place for yourself. It’s useless. I have learned it after losing my own self-inflicted battles.

It doesn’t stop here.

We label ourself. I am this. I am that. We do it naturally.

But if you ask me today the most dreaded questions of any interview “define yourself” “tell us about yourself”

I probably will go mute and stare at you blankly.

Life is a maze of calamities.

When we manage to escape a storm we forget what we were before it hit us.

In between we see rain and sunshine and winds.

Every wind that touches us moves us, moulds us.

Every rain drop washes a thin layer of our personality actually baptizing our disaster stricken souls.

That’s our nature. Hypersensitive.

And it’s ok.

We are constantly evolving .

Remember Darwin’s theory??

Ok..i need to stop saying this I just saw a monkey rolling his eyes.

We all have seen our phases.

We have seen our personalities going through painful metamorphosis and then blooming glorious.

We have seen our souls glowing like amber after surviving a blaze.

Then why try to freeze in time??

Why try to mark a spot in the journey of our own lives. It will take us where it wants to.

Yesterday I was miles away from where I am today…

Tomorrow I don’t even know if I will be walking, swimming or flying..

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


40 thoughts on “Ever Morphing Life..

      1. thats so right. actually I started doing it. and honestly I don’t hate uncertainty. 1 2 years back I was scared of uncertainties now I prefer them over being static.
        again we keep on morphing so I don’t know what I will like tomorrow.
        overall enjoying volatility 🙂

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  1. Kinda sad, kinda funny, kinda life, kinda despair. All in all, we are all monkeys hungry of attention. You got stuff figured out. This was like one of my blabberings. You are overthinking Alyana. That only creates problems. Overthinking is a sign of intelligence, so that must be the reason why I like you.

    Ha, I am imagining you over a bar, sitting on a stole, messy long hair, cigarette hanging in the corner of the mouth, glass of whiskey in had and a tired look of emptiness pointed at the mirror. Like a female version of me. 😀 All we need is a friend that will take us home and a good sleep… Ocasional baklava is in order. Am I blabbering in your post… wow, a treat for Alyana. 😀 I’ll reserve that blabbering for later.

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      1. The C ight F lub. Stay well Stoner. 😀 I got my time reserved for your blog and comments, so that is pretty close to having a reservation on a friend. 😀 Right? Or am I going off topic here?

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  2. “if you ask me today the most dreaded questions of any interview “define yourself” “tell us about yourself”
    I probably will go mute” – Exactly

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  3. Wonderful. After reading this, something came to me. Maybe we do have reservations, but it’s like a reservation at a restaurant. You go in at your assigned time and are taken to your table, eat a good meal, have a few laughs, and then you’re on your way again. You stop by once in a while, but there are plenty of other places to enjoy a good meal and a few laughs.
    With a standing reservation at a single restaurant, eventually you try everything on the menu, sample all the contents of the bar and wine cellar, and become bored with it.
    The people in our lives that we care about are like restaurants. You have your regulars, the ones you visit on special occasions, and the ones that although you visit once in a blue moon, you’re glad that you do. But the selection is always dynamic, as life is always dynamic.


  4. No reservations. If you make reservations it limits the possibilities, the choices you might want to make, the connections you might or might not have and so on and so forth. I’m at the other end of the age spectrum and I can tell you everything you said in this post shows me you are on a good path or route or bent …whatever. It will all be interesting as you go along.

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  5. When we choose someone in life we feel they had reserve their self for us, but the faint hope we have was just a fog, we will miss the whole of it when we lose the reservation.

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