This one words has triggered me severely.

I have hundreds of confessions boiling inside, creating an unbearable pressure to burst out.

But guess what…post confession trauma is REAL.

You feel you can trust someone enough to roll out the scroll of your life that you penned down with magic ink. And you allow them to read your weaknesses.

Weakness..this is what comes storming after a confession

The glass walls you built around yourself come crashing down in fraction of a second and you can’t build them back

Then even if you burn that scroll, your life is not completely yours.

You secrets is yours until it resides deep in your memory only. It will haunt you, daunt you, give you nightmares but it’s yours.

Confession means handing over people free right to judge you.

No, matter what the magnitude of pressure building inside be, its still better then being misunderstood and judged.

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  1. I know how difficult it is to keep hold of trauma inside. I did it for most of my adult life. But, when my life turned completely upside down, I needed to open myself up, and share everything that had happened in order for me to feel free.
    This was a great post! I’m sorry it triggered you so badly. 😦

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      1. When I first opened up, I was scared half out of my skull. Especially knowing my friends & family would be reading. But, I was rather surprised how well others took it all in. They were so supportive, I was floored.
        By the second, third month… It became easier to purge my feelings here at this juncture.
        You will be so comforted by the world here in the blogosphere. 🙂
        Naturally, do what is right for you. I do sincerely hope you feel better. 🙂

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      2. My mother went through the same hell pretty much. (minus the homelessness). My sister hates me, so she didn’t give a rats ass, and quite frankly, I didn’t care either way.
        My friends, they are so loyal and loving… They are more of an extension of what a real family should be. a family. 🙂

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  2. If I might add. The only worse thing that being judged for confessing is being judged because of assumptions and misunderstanding the silence one chooses. I don’t know would you agree, but that scares me more that speaking out.

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  3. In my opinion, nobody has the right to judge you. No matter what you confess. If they don’t like your trust in them, allowing you the freedom to share something with them, and criticize and/or judge you for it, they weren’t much of a friend. Nor were they trustworthy. 😊

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  4. I didn’t’ read all the comments so I am not sure of the consensus. Doesn’t matter to me I guess, because I agree, it opens up your life to others. While I am brutally honest, I am JUST as private. Learned lesson the first time I decided to share a tough story. Then the eyebrows and the “oh”. It wasn’t even anything bad, just clearly, a judgment was more welcome to them then easing the discomfort to me. Thats life… Always truth in your words.

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    1. I exactly know what how it feels.
      I have even weirder problems. People start giving you suggestions and no matter how hard you try to explain they assume that you are doing something wrong thats why you are stuck in a problem. This sucks.
      Recently i opened up with a serious issue and i had to face most unexpected adverse reaction. No sympathy no compassion no empathy. Just judgement and inconsiderate suggestion.

      Thanks for saying this. I was feeling guilty of having pretty much a dual life now.
      Thanks 🙂


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