Mute – White Charcoal Drawing

No matter how many times I drift to the colors my innate Proclivity for monochrome art pulls me back to the charcoal.

This time it was a different, and scary to be honest.

I loved the drawings done in white over black background. But I was very scared, as they are hard to correct. If I mark goes wrong no matter how hard you rub the white still shows.

Thats the risk with charcoal too.

And second reason, giving the values with white looked intimidating to me.

So after again getting help from youtube tutorials I tried to understand light and shading better and attempted my first white on black (actually very dark gray) drawing…


And I was at loss of words…

There is something about art, especially when you let it flow and don’t restrict it. When you are done you see where you wanted to go.

It leads you to a path you wanted to go but you were unaware of.

It slowly lifts the fog..

The sense of achievement you get in the end is priceless.




Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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