Silence – Soft Pastels

Today I started new experiment, I had drawn a rough sketch for a long time back.

But as always, I ended up with something entirely different .


And it was a very different feeling this time.

I don’t even know how to explain it.

I felt silence.

It wasn’t scary.

Nothing close to serenity either.

Just plain bank silence.

You walk a path and after a while you miraculously end up in an unfimiliar territory.

Which leaves you clueless for a while.

This is not how I wanted it to be. I deviated from the sketch in the very beginning.

Then I wanted something else for the face in the artwork but turns out I don’t have proper red in soft pastels.

I have a few reds but not the one I want so I have added that to grocery list. Yea, everything goes to grocery list.

So it further drifted from the initial plan.

When I stepped back and looked at the final result first word that popped in my head was “dream”.

Not long after it was followed by an aftershock.

And all I could feel was …Silence..

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47 thoughts on “Silence – Soft Pastels

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  1. I looked at it before I read your words. My initial reaction was it was a foggy person on the left, the eye/the moon. The person on right being watched over. But reading…yes…a dream suits it. It’s a very calming piece, as was the flowery one last time. Again must be a feel good project.

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    1. Let me try.
      It’s on horizontal black sheet. On 1/3rd of it there is a half face with closed eye and lips (like sleeping) done in reddish brown. I have added blue and green stokes too in the eyelashes.
      Rest of the work is a sky with moon and starts. In tones of blue with a hint of purple and green.

      I tried.. 🙂
      Thanks alot for appriciating hun.

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