My Miraculous Life


The amount of sugar I consume everyday and still dodge the diabetes bullet is actually, incredibly unbelievably MIRACULOUS!!!

My reports are here..and Thank God I am not diabetic and I don’t have osteoporosis, 2 things I was worried about.

I do have some iron issues so 1 more supplement is added to the list..

If I start jotting down other things that drop straight into category of miracles its going to be a long list.

Some of them are worth mentioning though.

Controlling myself when I am on the verge of killing my exceptionally idiotic friends for their non-stop clownery. I wish I loved them I little less.

Successfully bouncing back on my feet everytime my siblings shove me in a wall, without fractures and injuries (bruises excluded).

Stifling and suppressing hundreds of cuss words in my throat at every family gathering and airports. I dread airports, they don’t exist in my utopian world.

Not being disowned by my family or friends for being a quintessential weirdo…they sometimes try though..

Listening to the elders glorifying cultural stupidities with a fake smile cemented on my face the entire time…THAT is a solid skill!

Not running like road runner every time I see that annoying relative/neighbour coming towards me. You know THAT person who wants to know everything about your life and then will declare you have been doing it all wrong. I look for an opportunity though.

Having not died when an ostrich walked past me…its quite a story will tell you guys some other day.

Not throwing the nearest object at whoever says “you don’t look sick”. What do you want me to do lay on floor and cry?

Not having heart attack every time I see a lizard, regardless of the size they all are the stuff nightmares are made of.

Not hiding under the nearest table or behind a curtain every time people tell me “you should socialize more”…what am I exactly doing  standing here tolerating your mind-numbing-never-ending drama?

Not taking out a red lipstick and paint a circle on my nose every time somebody tells me “you should wear more make up”. Dude, its my skin not a canvas!


Refraining from looking at pants when people are lying…this actually could look a tad yea.. I just smile and nod and silently pray “please please please God do it once”

Managing to laugh at my Dad’s jokes…thats a superpower I swear!

Looks like most of my the miracles revolve around my interactions with people and eating habits.

Maybe thats all I could think about right now. I feel kinda hungry…again..

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  1. I really did have to be medicated to tolerate airports. My husband is so relieved, since he felt the brunt of it. People in lines there used to wish I would transfer to another flight.

    I was once pre-diabetic, but somehow I managed to normalize my glucose levels. I still have high cholesterol and triglycerides, though.

    Really, medications have made me far more tolerant than I used to be.

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      1. I wonder how much my Seroquel XR contributes to my high cholesterol and triglycerides. I remember being my current weight about 13/14 years ago and was just fine. I know I’ve aged, but I know that meds like Seroquel can affect these levels. I’m doing very well now, and my psychiatrist is lowering my Seroquel. I do hope that that makes some difference.

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  2. now…seriously….did you not celebrate a 30 birthday this year? so wtf are you worrying about osteoporosis for? Surely that is for old crones like me. I love your humor it brings the worst out in me and when I comment on your blog I can freely behave (express myself) the way I like. Thank you!

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    1. Ahahah i love your comments.

      Since childhood i ran away from milk so everybody would tell me i will end up with weak boned. Then came the meds. Steroids do that and my body was actually hurting. But that could be anything.

      Thank God bones are good. 😆


      1. Yes! It’s so easy to get in touch nowadays. She’s just busy lately because of the holidays. And she told me that she’s going to surprise me. I think she’s going home soon 😉

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  3. I want to know the ostrich story. As for road runners, kind of off your subject, but they eat lizards. I saw one do it yesterday. They are my new heroes. lol. I love the list, and sugar? Pretty sure I flew at my husband on a broomstick since I ate 3 brownies, 4 pieces of fudge, a sugar cookie. and he wanted to know what was for dinner. He is still alive. Just hungry. lol.

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    1. Comming up soon ma’am.

      Why did you tell me this..i had loony tunes road runner in my mind and now i cant shrug off the image…oh God..😣

      Ahhahahahhaha turns out sugars give you broomsticks just like redbull gives you wings 😆

      Ahaha i do get at.a little strange when i overdose on sugars or even worse when i am craving for something sweet. Turns me a bit dangerous.

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  4. Miraculous.. That it’s been just one year of you being here. Right. And already you know idiots like me.. More like tough luck…? Stupid I told you to inform me when the results arrive. So it’s alright. Anything unusual?

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      1. Who is Zazu? She seems a lot like me. Lost cousin? And what do you mean you collect weirdos, more like you attract them. Wonder if you’re one too..? Weird.. Ask your Dad, he will agree with me.

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