Solace in Confinement

She sat hugging herself

In decaying wooden closet.

Her eyes

Her lifeless brown eyes

Scouring the darkness,


A thin streak of light

Peeking from the slightly opened door

Invading her solitude

Ran over her

Dividing her

She rested her head back

Clutched her knees tighter

And closed her eyes

In surreal surrender

And exhaled all her strength

And inhaled the musty stale wood

Letting it devour her soul

Leaving her an empty shell of clay

She was breathing her confinement

Her defeat

To end her empty apprehensions

Harbored deep down

By hope of any possible freedom

And then she wished

The roof could drop

The walls close on her

And the whole box could crop to her size

So that she could fit in perfectly

Maybe after all

It was always about fitting in…

Copyright Β© 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved



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