Blending Bliss – Soft Pastels

Yesterday I started another experiment to shrug off negativity the little devils keep whispering in my ears, instilling all sorts of insecurities.

This is where we left it yesterday ( A Pleasant Day)…


Today I got up and in between doing breakfast taped the sheet on the window again and pulled out a few soft pastels I chose to work with.

I kept on blending and adding colors in between my routine chores. It was a relaxing way to do it.

Kept me in balance.

Aaaaaaaaand here is the final result…


And I am satisfied with it.

It felt good.

Whenever you let your heart take the lead, no matter what the results are the process definitely feels good.

I have had an epiphany lately about the importance of process, the journey which we mostly ignore focussing on the destiny.

Bliss we earn enjoying the process sometimes exceeds the Compass of triumph we hit at the success.

I can’t give words to the moments of ecstasy I experience when I lose myself in blending colours, defusing them into each other.

It was a feel good day..

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