A Pleasant Day

I have been heavily inspired by this Monet quote lately:


You need to bless the object anonymity. You have to forget its name. It rejuvenates your perspective.

Well. I am having horrible anxiety again since past few days.

So I thought I must keep myself busy with what I love doing.

So I taped a sheet on my window. I am not investing in an easel and board. I am having a little bit of problem with the light at day time but it’s workable.


And it started raining!!

Such a fine drizzle. It was beautiful.

You know that Blissful moment when you are happy without a reason?? I felt that. And it was beautiful. Serene.

A cooked one of my favourite foods yesterday, chicken nihari (its a spicy gravy kinda thing) so I heated that and enjoyed it with a can of chilled coke.

Rain, art, and good food..what else do you want.

This is what the experiment looks like so far.


Its already a pleasant day.

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  1. It’s beautiful friend. Let peace overwhelm you always. Have you managed to download the free kindle booklet on (How to Pray), it’s available till midnight, you might find some key tools of dealing with anxiety there.
    I would appreciate your thoughts about it. Please post your review for me on amazon.


  2. How lovely – I’m so glad it helped you. You started with black, and voila! A red rose!
    Here’s one little thing I love:

    The way a crow
    shook down on me
    the dust of snow
    from a hemlock tree

    has given my heart
    a change of mood
    and saved some part
    of a day I had rued.

    – Robert Frost

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