Raven in the Ashen Sky #SquareSky

Raven in the ashen sky

Stripped of colors

Doesn’t need to look jazzy

Doesn’t even try

He looks gloomy

But nobody questions why

Everybody knew his torment

But nobody saw him cry..

He keep soaring,

Ascending into the sky

Guess this is his mantra

He loves living high

Unlike the worldly creatures

He is not afraid to die

Love him or hate him

He succeeds to draw your gaze

To the ashen sky…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

In response to Becky’s Square Sky Challenge which runs through the month of December.


16 thoughts on “Raven in the Ashen Sky #SquareSky

Add yours

  1. Greetings of a scorpion from another scorpion.


    just a little bit more
    and scrawling
    of the senses
    or a Raven
    to come
    before the final


    till the end
    did Annabel Lee
    stay till the end
    there’s no portent here
    or a sign


    it’s till the end
    without seeing

    but the Raven
    looked sorrowfully
    croaked something
    and jumped into my eyes

    (out of Heaven)

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