Me becoming a Guitarist!- WPC

I published this post on 05/07/2017.

9th grade summer vacation:

Me:  Dad I want to learn guitar. I know where to buy it from and I know where to get classes from.

Dad:  And what subjects do you plan to appear for next year?? Do you know where to get your text books from?? Or where to get tuitions from??

…..end of story…..

Years after years…

Me:   Remember you wanted to play violin?

BFF:   And you wanted to be a guitarist.

Me:   We are grown-ups now, we can afford instruments and tuitions why don’t we give it a shot?

BFF:   Now?? Umm… I have been looking into it lately and I realized if I start now it will take me whole life to be finally able to play something. A few decades down the road if you hear sound of a violin coming from a grave, that probably will be me..

Me:   And I am so lazy, 2 minutes into a performance I will probably hand over my guitar to the person next to me and say “Sir can you hold it for me I can make that sound..ting ting ting twaaannnng!”

After few months…

Some angel slipped a guitar classes brochure into my house. I took it as a sign and ran to Grandpa Google for the answers to all my stupid questions.

I watched tons of tutorials on YouTube and told myself..I think I can do this.

After reading reviews and watching comparison videos I finally ordered a black acoustic fender online. Reasons?? Because I love black and it sounded nice.

When she arrived after a week that felt like a life-time, I ran to the door like a heroine, dramatic style!

The moment I opened the door all my drama went down the drain…

Me:   What’s this??

Delivery man:   Your guitar ma’am.

I was staring at a box that was almost my height!!

I unpacked the box and the glossy black beauty Exposed herself… She looked gorgeous!

And when I hugged her for the first time, it hit me, I am a tiny creature! Maybe I should have went out for a change and check what I am buying.


After sitting on different sizes of chairs to maintain my balance while struggling to play an instrument pretty much my own size, and playing an out-of-tune guitar for about a week, I can finally strum it a little now, while praying some actual guitarist doesn’t hear.

I don’t know when I will be able to handle the chords though…

Update today:

That’s a Cheeky picture of the baby of her healthy days, who will be going for repairs soon as I kinda.. sorta.. broke her neck…yup…happens..

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  1. Keep the “tempo” going! Don’t wait too long to get it repaired. Mine sits in a forgotten corner of a dusty room. I started learning and stopped and never started again. May be this is a sign for a fresh start! 😀


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