And Then There Were None- Agatha Christie

I read one of the most raved about Agatha Christie books; And Then There Were None.

And it’s totally worth all the fame it has earned.

I finished it in a day it was impossible to put it down, incredibly griping story.

I have been a reader all my life. A loony addicted to words.

I feel, every story runs in thin translucent layers, a good writer can make you see and feel all of them. Its my definition of a good book and author.

Agatha Christie books mostly fit into this simple description.

And this book marveled at it!

The story revolves around a group of 10 people, who are invited on a secluded island where there are trapped in an ugly web of confrontations, confessions, mistrust, fears.

10 layers of stories. 10 guilt ridden players of a merciless game. 10 untraceable murders

And then there was the thinnest layer..almost a membrane.

The board on with all of these pieces sat, covering it.

The man’s obsession of taking matters in his hands and his need to have a story designed by him and revolving around him.

It’s a great mystery novel, if you prefer this genre its a must-read book.

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  1. I watched the televised version and thought it was good. Originally though the ryhme was ten little niggers or ten little indians, both were used but stories vary on which came first. It was changed to ten little soldiers when people became a little more clued up on racism and Agatha Christie changed the name of her book to And Then There Were None 🙂

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