The Silver Moon-WPC

Today, we are having supermoon.

I was out whole day but didn’t get a chance to capture it.

But then I was lucky enough to catch it from my terrace.

We have had plenty of super moons lately… more than i ever heard..or may be this recently became a thing.

This is the first time i took any pictures because it was totally worth it.

Without further ado…here it is…

you want a closer look???

Even closer??

Couldn’t get closer than this..

It’s almost silver…beautiful…magnificent…Serene

I couldn’t wait to share the pictures with you guys so that i will make myself a cup of americano (i am addicted to Davidoff espresso 57, if you haven’t tried it yet…you have to).. and enjoy it on my terrace..getting lost in the serenity of this mesmerizing night..

P.s. Don’t miss today’s supermoon!

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27 thoughts on “The Silver Moon-WPC

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  1. Great captures. At my house it was very cool,in a different sense. Clouds skirted across the center creating an illusion. It looked like a hamburger, but I was in my car at a red light so I couldn’t get a good picture.

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