Life Draining Through Cracks

She looked down at the bustling city through the giant window. Tiny lights rushing to get somewhere under the exuberant colors of evening sky, curtesy of the beautiful sunset that drenched it in vivid and vivacious tones.

Her clueless eyes aimlessly followed the flow of lights on the road while a Snippet of her brain was secretly observing her own reflection in the glass. Her confused questioning clueless self.

The rest of her mind trying to see the faint outlines sketched on the blueprints of her blurry fate.

In a split second the glass abandoned the frame and came to land on her.
Instinctively she pushed it back in place with her hands.

She looked at a web of cracks forming around her hands, feathering out to the frame, horrified.

Then she saw something and froze. It was her own life seeping and trailing though the web, painting it crimson.

Her pain receptors euthanized themselves.

The bustling city turned into a desert on a moonless night.

Her eyes turned into blank abysses

Her reflection lifeless.

She kept staring at the crimson tapestry, and the reality stabbed her brutally.

She was looking at the lines of her blurry fate…

She had to stand there watching her life draining. 

As the moment she would step back, everything would come crashing down..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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