37 thoughts on “Monsters 

  1. I don’t know. Maybe we’re more like bears. Maybe a non-writing writer is hibernating. I didn’t write for years and now suddenly I’m writing a haiku everyday plus sometimes an essay. Surprised me! I think my writing was hibernating and now is out and roaming around a lot. Or maybe it’s like a butterfly in a cocoon? because my writing is completely different. So maybe your writing (your as in you, any writer) is hibernating and when it wakes up, it writes something unexpectedly and you look down at your pen (or your keyboard) and you think, huh?

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      1. Nothing I just know. I am not fighting it. It’s just something I realised. I knew it all along. I just wasn’t willing to accept it. It’s strange how your own perception changes. But it’s all for the best.

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      2. Hmm. The same way i kinda stopped believing somethings can change. Its like whats supposed to happen will happen no matter what you do.
        You are not a bad guy. I am not lying.
        My last trip here would be way harder if you werent around. Mom wasnt well. Remember?

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      3. You are basing a perception based on instinct. Aren’t good guys happy and helping. I have my friend Sandi here. Now she is a good guy. I, let just say it’s nothing but sadness.. I bring. Don’t defend the unknown. The only consolation is that it will end very soon.

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      4. Away from my parents. I am sending job requests in far flung remote areas. You know no Internet, no basic amenities that kind of thing. Problem is half of them think I won’t survive. My parents don’t know about it. Just one approval and bam, I’m gone.

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      5. well i feel the answer “i am doing it for humanity sounds too phony” so your answer is better and honest.
        honesty never fails trust me on this.
        you will get a good job. i am not sure if you will be interested but uae has a few unpopular states too, you can apply there as well, they are not crowded so people dont prefer there much but as you are looking for solitude you might like it.

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      6. It will be hard to tell my parent that I will be moving (if I get the job) to another state, I can’t imagine what they will think if I told them I am leaving the country. Don’t worry I am not planning to lie.

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      7. First take the step then worry about the consequences. I can’t rely on my parent. I will be driven insane if this thing continues. Worst it’s like I am getting used to it. I don’t care if it kills me I know I have to stop being an ass.

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