I am failing

Its almost time
When i have to go
Go back to my mental prison
I tried
I swear upon your beautiful smile
I tried
I tried to be here
I tried to keep smiling
I tried to harden my heard
To a point where it started cracking
I was conflicted
By the raging battle
Between reasons and emotions
I swear upon your bravery
I tried to be there for someone
Who was far more broken than anyone
Who lost his heart
And everything
And himself
I slept where u slept
Breathing your scent
Feeling your warm comforting arms
Hearing your voice
Seeing you floating around home
Busy and beautiful
I tried to unsee the fact
Unfeel the damage
Unhear low mourning cries
Of my soul
Stifled by the love of people you left behind.
But what is this
The wails are slicing my soul
By heart is crumbling
Falling apart
I cant see you
Your scent has nailed me to the bed
I am scared
To cross the door of my room
That i might lose you
To cross the gate
Where you stood and waved goodbye
Until i was out of sight
How am i going to cross that gate
What if i lose you??
I am failing…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “I am failing

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  1. I have a very strong connection with each and stanza of this poem. I have felt the pain and I know how damaging it could be . Just don’t lose the hope , everything will be fine soon . Stay strong only you could help yourself. 🙂

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