Mad Marathon

Why why why??

Why the day i start packing my relatives, their friends, neighbours i dont even know, people i randomly met at a wedding or birthday like 20 years ago and dont even remember now…suddenly start calling for condolence..

And they HAVE to talk to me Particularly

and then they start coming to our place to meet me in person!

The moment i open my empty luggage bag suddenly i am the most important person on the whole entire planet!!!

Today was a marathon between phone.. intercom..sometimes the door..and my bedroom..bathroom… kitchen…mars maybe i dont know..

And the perfect time for our cordless to lose its shit and go into hibernation so we were dependent on a landline phone straight out of the Flintstones.

And yes sometimes people dont speak in the intercom and you actually have to go and see who is there on the door.

I kept cellphone in a drawer to avoid calls but guess what…people started calling dad…how awesome is that??

And the phone calls…seriously why on earth do you have to read all options of lenghty formal condolences to me..what book are you reading from please tell me i will do it myself.


2 3 times i had to save myself from bladder explosion!!

It was a crazy cRaZy CRAZY day!

i came back to the mountains of stuff i had to pack and chose to lay down and have some rest i.e post about the mad marathon.

Will pack when i am sane enough to know where to even begin.


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