A Successful Creative Experiment – Charcoal & Pastel

My bedroom pretty much looks like an art studio. We have paints, colours, several different kinds of papers, random pieces of cloth and ribbons, an easel and whatnot, lying around in the room.

For an assignment my sis was working on a brown card sheet/ card paper/ kraft paper, it goes by different names. Here it is..


I sketched a little on it with charcoal wine and I loved the result. I do have tinted sketchbook (which is way more expensive that these).

For practice it’s perfect!

Experimental  inspired me to open my art materials again and I started experimenting with charcoal and pastels on brown card sheet.




I took a stock photo for reference just for outline..this one..


The rest of it is totally my buffoonery.

When i started i had no idea this will Mushroom into something actually nice.

Overall it was a satisfying experience.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


51 thoughts on “A Successful Creative Experiment – Charcoal & Pastel

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      1. That’s where my drawing level still resides… but I️ love the look and glad others can move on from my hopscotch well I️ suppose chalk skills. It can be so beautiful. If anyone but me does it, so I️ am glad when others display their skills 😊


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