Black doesn’t symbolize gloom
It gives marvelous backdrop
Look at the sky and you will know
You can spot tiniest flickering star
Gleaming sheepishly
Somewhere in solitude
Still luring your gaze
And awe
Awakening the luminescence
Of dying ashes
Resting on the shore of your soul
Turning them into fireflies
Sleeping on the bed of ebony sand
In sync with symphony of insurgent waves
Of the vigorous ocean
On a dark moonless night

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


22 thoughts on “Black

  1. Very true! When i’d tell people my favourite color is black (although, I know, technically it isn’t a color) they’d ask me why I chose such a depressing color and it never made sense to me. By the way, your writing is lovely.

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