In conversation with Sam

Yesterday I went to Sam’s place, my best friend of 20 years at least. When you are friends with someone for so long, the moment you enter home you go straight to the bedroom and lie down on her bed or go straight to the kitchen and start checking the pots and all.

You both are looking your usual casual terrifying mess. You don’t care to look presentable, or just human.

You eat, talk and go to sleep until someone comes to pick you up.

I tell her dictionary needs a new word for what we have, in our case ‘friend’ is an understatement.

So yesterday we were talking about good old days when this is where our conversation lead us to:

Sam:  We are stuck in our teens, we have grown but somewhere we are frozen in time when we were 16

Me:   That was the best time of our lives so far, fun time, hilarious.

Sam:  Our class mates would call us crazy if they get to know we still remember that time so vividly and we still talk about it and laugh like all of it happened yesterday.

Me:   Our clocks stopped at that point. When we meet each other I feel we are still in school, which is technically like dinosaur era for us now, it’s been a long time man.

Sam:  I know. After how H reacted when we finally found him after so long, I have lost all my hopes. I think it’s just us who miss old times so badly.

Me:   Couldn’t agree more.

Sam:  He unintentionally broke us.

Me:    Unintentionally. Yes. For him he did nothing, for us he broke our illusion that 14 years on we all should be missing each other the same way.

Sam:   Sometimes I wonder what would we do if we didn’t have each other. We are seriously weird people!

Me:    Yeah, couldn’t have survives after 17 I am sure.

Sam:    We just realized for our whole life black tee and camo pants have been our mutual secret favourite attire.

Me:    Yeah and we didn’t know that until last year. I mean isn’t it amazing in our heads we have same thoughts same favourites, smililar people/things piss us off.

Sam:   And look we are talking about books again. We have a secret book club too. (We were desperately looking for catch22).

Me:  Ok tell me one thing.. do you imagine yourself on a red carpet?

Sam:  I do..

Me:  Now imagine yourself again and look at your feet, what are you wearing..

Sam:   White sneakers!!

Me:   See!! I am wearing medicated slippers or sneaker, black or grey.

Sam:  Can’t wear heels man! Even on a red carpet. NO HEELS!

Me:    No heels! those are for people, humans, not for us!

Sam:  This is so comforting to know somebody else is equally bizarre.

Me:    I know right

Sam:   But we were poles apart in one thing..

Me:    I know..crushes!

Sam:   Yesss! We had different taste in crushes

Me:     You liked sophisticated neat guys…I crushed on crazy wild ones.

Sam:    Yeah John Cena and Dave Bautista

Me:   WWE can I forget. Bautista was a family favourite, and look what John Cena did to you. (with a sympathetic look)

Sam:  Don’t you dare remind me of that..

Me:   I am so sorry this happened to you.

Sam:  I hate you!

When we were in o-levels somewhere in 2004, 2005 John Cena kissed a female wrestler on screen, next day Sam was devastated and told us not to talk about it, she just stopped watching wrestling.

Me:  And then Wentworth Miller. My goodness you girls were MAD about him..your ears turned red when you talked about him.

Sam:  I know…(giggled like a shy teenager)

Me:   And then what happened??

Sam:  Is this why you wanted to come see me??? How long have you been planning??? (She gave me a hateful death stare)

Sam was crazy about Wentworth Miller until he came out and I especially called her to break the news… I know I am evil.

Me:   Why does this happens to you??

Sam:  I don’t know .. (making a annoyed, sad, mad face)

Me:    Look at mine.. still loyal to me.. (Arrogance brimming my words)

Sam:   Absolutely! (rolling eyes then nodding)

Me:    Mostly single, waiting for me.. Since phone booth, the guy is getting old now. Like seriously old but he’s still got that charm.

Sam:   Yea..agreed..

Me:   Sometimes I feel if I see Colin Ferrell somewhere I might die of a heart attack.

Sam:  OHHH…now I know why he is not coming to FIND you! So that you don’t drop and die! See he loves you that’s why he is just waiting for you but he ain’t coming man!

We both laughed at the level of wisdom in our conversation.

In the end I told her to parcel the food she was cooking and she happily obliged.

Such friendships are blessings, the Panacea that at least helps you pass the rocky phases of your life.

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      1. Yeah. I remember getting up at 3 in the morning to watch WWE Smackdown. Randy was actually a perfect crooked guy. Everybody I knew hated him, but I was amazed how evil someone can be. It was truly astonishing for a one man to make everybody hate him, like Joffrey in Game of Thrones. Just WOW.

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