Something about charcoal.

There’s something about charcoal… its dust settles into your own darkness which is therapeutic for some odd reason.

Drawing, smudging, layering, erasing the blackness pulls you into another world of gloom and tranquility.

I realized why I am obsessed with charcoal, it lets you play with darkness. And darkness is undeniable. It exists in your life and in your soul parallel with the light.

You can’t mix the two. The best way is to feed and satisfy both of them. And don’t force one over the other.

It exists as day and night.

I got my art supplies with me that I opened once guests left. I keep my art and writing private.

Yesterday was tough but it passed… like any other day. It didn’t fly, it clawed over me dragging its thorns… but it did pass.

Well. I had to divert my mind and charcoal and kneaded eraser has been my best stress busters lately so I resorted to them.

This was my first complete sketch purely with charcoal willow, gave a few touch-ups with pencil and compressed charcoal in the end. Just a few. Watched a few youtube tutorials and started working.

And here is the result.


This is not sketch of somebody I know. It’s just one of those many faces that reside in my imaginary castles.

I must say I earned a tiny bit of peace in the process.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved



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  1. I am also a fan of charcoal! Mainly because you can go pretty crazy with it 😀 In the very beginning of my art “education” at art school I first came in contact with this great material. We had to draw corn plants. I learned my first lesson “don’t be afraid to draw a straight line”. This advice might sound weird at first. I always made a tiny line, than the next one. Pretty insecure. But I learned how much fun it can be to just draw a straight, confident line across the paper (without the fear of ruining the picture). These are my thoughts about “charcoal” 😀 I liked your metaphores..And the drawing as well 🙂


    1. Yes. Its a magical medium. You can go crazy with it even though initialy i was scared of it. Its intimidating.

      I never got art education. Last time i studied anything artistic it was 8th grade. And in 7th or 8th our teacher told us to draw circles with free hand. It was an excercise and it was fun.
      I am glad you liked this post i actually dont like this drawing much i did it purely with charcoal vine on a whim.

      Thanks alot for stopping by and commenting 🙂 and sorry for late reply i found this comment in spam

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