Inevitable Stages of Sharing

1st stage:

Your pain is breaking news for everybody and you get all sorts of attention, sympathy, empathy, love and support,

2nd stage:

You reveal more about yourself and people worry a little more for you as they know life hasn’t been very kind to you lately. Now they are more concerned and want to help you.

3rd stage:

They are slowly getting attuned to hearing about your miseries. It’s becoming normal for them. Now for them you are one of those people who have problematic life by fate. The curve has reached maturity and it’s a straight horizontal line that won’t go any higher by any further addition to the existing information.

4th stage:

It’s getting annoying. They are tired of listening to your rants. Your words have lost intensity. You tears are just the drops of water running. You might hear things like “you are going paranoid…why do you think everything happens to you…a lot of people go through similar things…this is life get over it…stop self-pitying… maybe you are exaggerating..”

5th stage:

Your life has become a sad pathetic daily soap opera. There’s always a new episode laced with melodrama and tragedy lined up for viewers. They might start calling you “tragedy queen” and blaming you for your problems. Prepare yourself for “maybe it’s you who is wrong…you are sensitive…you lack patience…”

6th and final stage:

You are detached and discarded like a festering wound. They wish they never knew you and you are vanishing from their lives and memories. Soon you will be forgotten.

On the side note, a lot of people don’t even survive all the stages they run away somewhere in the first three stages. And you just have 1 or 2 loyal friends who won’t follow this pattern. They will stick around understand you and will care for you, no matter what, cherish them.

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67 thoughts on “Inevitable Stages of Sharing

    1. I had written it way back and i keep mentioning stages of sharing to my’you jave just hit the 4th stage’.
      Its sad and true. No matter how badly i insist on talking to people, reaching out and sharing. There’s this dark side to the whole concept.

      Yes it is cathartic 🙂

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    1. Anti-natalism?? If i go by the definition i have been tilting or completely falling on it since the day i was diagnosed, at least for me.

      But i haven’t completely lost my mind neither my believe in those 1 to 2 people.
      I dont post on a whim i have thought about it several times. it is the truth. Alongwith whats written in side note.
      I dont push away people who try to stand by me.

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      1. Since pessimism doesn’t bother you. Here is my take. So you’re in a paradox. You seemed to be conveyed with the idea of fate and negative value of birth. But at the same time you want things to improve. And that means you believe you have some sort of control.
        Nice subtle hint with the last line. Touché.

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      2. See it does effect you. All pessimists are slayers. There should be a warning sign around our neck saying Stay Away. So long, and as I said before Keep your distance from the likes of us.

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  1. I never had any children and I don’t get along with some of my family members, so I have learned to be independent. Perhaps I should have said I like a reclusive lifestyle as hermit does sound a bit odd. I get along with people, but I enjoy writing more than I would getting into a conversation. I had many friends in my life time, but I don’t keep in touch with any of them and I do not feel the need to make new friends.

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    1. Being independent is compulsory. I dont think in these times children are compulsory.
      I understand there are people who enjoy writing more than talking. Social anxiety may be one of the reason (i have that).
      Well then this is personal choice maybe. That you don’t want friends anymore.

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      1. I have some friends on WordPress, but I have never met them and I have no plans to meet them. It is not like I am anti-social and don’t want any friends, I just don’t have the time to meet new ones. I work and I write, which is a simple enough life that works for me.

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  2. From #3 straightforward I disagree with you. By you writing and expressing yourself, that shows strength. By us (people reading) is not annoying to us. If someone finds it to be, they will simply avoid, but I don’t think there are many people that would do that.
    Everyone is fighting their own personal battle… We are here to encourage one another. And, again…You are stronger than you think.


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