The Dressmaker-Movie

I watched “the dressmaker” last night and….

…I have not seen anything like this yet.

It gives a strong message. Something I believe in and talk about a lot but the portrayal of the same in a story is just marvelous and deserves a standing ovation.

It’s about a woman Tilly (Kate Winslet) who was accused of a murder and sent away when she was 10-year old kid. 25 years later she returns to her town for her mom Molly (Judy Davis) and to seek revenge. You can’t help falling in love with Molly, every time she said something I almost died laughing!! Outstanding performance!

And oh…with him too…

The movie heavy focuses on power of creativity of a person to achieve anything and make a difference.
I read this movie got mixed reviews, because it’s hard to assign a fixed genre to this movie, which may get confusing. But that’s the magnificence of it, that’s what makes it so exceptional.

That’s what the world is. Unfair. Vicious Circle of injustice. Continuous unforgivable exploitation of the weak.

That’s how people are…unbelievably stupid and nonsensically malicious!

That’s how life is, comedy in tragedy and tragedy in comedy.

Pain, love, revenge, passion, creativity, truth and lies, drama, tears, laughs all knitted together. And there’s always some mystery suspended in air.

I highly recommend this movie.

And ladies….you cannot miss this movie!!!

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  1. is is totally shallow that I want to watch this for the eye candy lol. it sounds pretty good . I hardly watch movies anymore . I quite got bored with all the blowing up and over blown action .

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  2. I watched The Dressmaker about 6 months ago. Loved every bit of it, from the setting to the characters, to the relationships, to the plot. There is a certain event in the movie — don’t want to reveal it, but I think you know which one — that I was not able to recover from. Wow. I heard the book was even better than this excellent film.

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    1. I fell deeply in love with this movie because it portrayed brutal realities yet managed to make me laugh.
      I know which one you are talking about i guess. There were 2 3 moments that made me shudder.
      Well. All’s well that ends well. Or let’s say manages to continue..

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