Boy in Rain

He was running in divine rain of 5th grade summer vacation. That rain was the best gift anybody could have in those blazing summers.

He was running aimlessly. Not away from something. Not towards a destiny. He was like some random nameless planet rotating in galaxy, ejected from its axis.

A broad smile splitting his innocent face, he was drenched in rain head to toe as if he was standing in the centre of a waterfall.

Rain water dripped from his elbows. Droplets rested occasionally on his straight lashes, making his vision blurry, but he wasn’t bothered.

Clarity was Irrelevant to him at that moment.

He kept on running. Splashing the muddy puddles and occasionally jumping in them to amuse himself. Every jump accompanied with a tiny burst of triumph within his heart, which he experienced frequently given his age. He had no idea how difficult it’s going to be to earn these shots of pleasure later in life.

He suddenly turned and looked up at the sky, still walking in reverse in inertia of his irrepressible pace, his chest rising and falling as he panted. He looked at the sun peeking nervously through mighty slate-grey clouds.

What was the type of these clouds???  he wondered. It had been pouring non-stop and yet clouds wouldn’t give up, they came prepared for days to come.

Scattered uneven rays of shy sun casted stripes of different shades on contours of his face, playing with the tones of his fresh tan. He was living Picasso.

God knows what came over him he stretched his arms wide, his head tilted up. It looked like he was waiting for the sky to crash on him or the sun to shun her veil and drop in his embrace with all her warmth.

He closed his eyes. Took a deep breath and opened his mouth. Raindrops capering gently on his face now started filling his mouth.

He was drinking rain.

Was he thirsty?? Nobody knows.

He was drinking sky, the rays, the dirt, the smoke, the cries and giggles, the earthy air.

The scent of wet leaves, jasmines and roses, surprisingly subtle but overpowering smell of damp bark that had just been baptized.

He was drinking it all.

The purity and impurities.

He was drinking essence of life in nature’s potion with every bless drop of water.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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