Complexity of Hero Complex

Me. Zazu i have hero complex

Zazu. One more disease added to the list huh?? I more feather in the cap!

Me. Its not a disease

Zazu. Then what the fuck is that?

Me. Its a problem i have

Zazu. ANOTHER problem!!
I wish you were born with a quota of problems there had to be some ceiling.

Me. This is not that kind of problem. Its just… like a characteristic. My clinginess with friends.

Zazu. You are clingy. Period!!

Me. No. Its hero complex.

Zazu. Ok wonder women (smirking)

Me. Hero complex..COMPLEX!! it’s a kind of complex.

Zazu. Another complex???

Me. It’s not a bad one. Its self-damaging kinda complex. It’s good for others but not so good for yourself.

Zazu. Isn’t it how all the complexes work?? They are self-damaging.

Me. Focus!!

Zazu. Ok

Me. When you have hero complex you have this urge to be there for everybody whatever happens to them you just want to be around. Its like you feel things will go bad if you won’t be with anybody you know.

You want to be  everywhere which is not humanly possible. And if you get to know later that something bad happened to your friends when you weren’t there you start blaming youself. In your head your are a hero responsible for whatever shit your friends go through.

Zazu. Hmm.. sounds like you. Where did you learn this new brain-exploding theory??

Me. WordPress!

Zazu. Way to go!. So basically you just found new reason to blame yourself for others’ faults.

Me. Umm..

Zazu. There is a limit to take responsibility. Its good to be responsible and caring but you are going over board with it. Think for a second?
Could you control any of the shit that happened to others??

Me. I don’t know..

Zazu. No you couldn’t. A complex is a complex no matter what prefix you attach it with. And all of them are damaging. Its taking a toll on your health. Let it go a little. You are not a Mighty hero. You dont have a cape you are just a human. With as many problems as the rest of us.

How many people think like that about you?? How many of them take the blame for what happened to you??

Me. Umm

Zazu. None. Let’s face it. They blame it on fate and circumstances.

Me. Yea…

Zazu. So wear your horse blinders as suggested by your grandpa and go to sleep. You need rest.

Me. Hmm i guess.

Zazu. And don’t waste your time looking for new theories. The ones we learned in school are still stuck in our throat. Go easy on yourself, wonder woman!

Me. I hate you for being so brutally honest.

Zazu. Ahah i know. Now go to sleep.

Zazu is my one of closest friend my childhood friend. I say one of the closest people i have in life. He has been mentioned plenty of times before (the dynamite friend post) so i thought why not introduce him properly. And i actually call him zazu know..lion king. 

Here’s his picture:

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15 thoughts on “Complexity of Hero Complex

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  1. A basal need to influence everything, to create a web whose strands are create by you and at the centre of it all are your choices. That’s hero complex in a nutshell.
    You can look at it in a positive way too, atleast I do. We all, as humans, have these compulsive need to be appreciated for every little thing that we do. We all have one or another psychological complex of you start looking for it, so rather than finding a label, let’s find a more adaptable way. Let it impact us in a way that’ll help.
    Life. One step at a time.

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    1. I looked at like the way i wrote it because that resonated with my own nature. It goes with every word ever invented. We all hear some word but we all feel differently about it. We choose the one that rings fimiliar to our own nature or circumstances. The moment i read about hero complex the first time thats how i felt. Its not necessary all the time. And i have it in excess already. This has never brought me any good. You missed last few posts you would know where this landed me.
      I would prefer to live free rather than creating a web based on my strict standards and stay tangled in it forever.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, sorry about that. I’d been quite busy in last three days. My lab schedule is getting quite hectic. I have been trying to catch up with all the blogs today.
        Once I’ve gone through all your recent posts, I’ll definitely discuss this with you. Capeesh? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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