Not-so-good morning

Can you believe I woke up and got to know I had been deprived of one of most crucial human necessity …WATER!


Thank God I hadn’t proceed do to something.

Perks of living a stupid Glorious  life!

In Dubai, where every freaking building even the cheap ones have gym and swimming pools and spas and saunas…I woke up to hear hissssssssssss from the tap.

Where am I supposed to go and get water for necessary tasks to be performed..the swimming pool???

The world is becoming a hollow ball of gold foil. You can crush it with a feather.


I called building maintenance again. Looks like I am bothering them a lot these days.

10 minutes later there was water gushing from 3 taps at once at different locations which got me running like a loony.

Situation is under control but ranting was important. I feel better now.

Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “Not-so-good morning

    1. Exactly!! I crave for fresh air at times it sounds unreal but it is true. People glorify life of a fancy concrete jungle. If i could i would still prefer to live in a village or jungle..cottage life.
      But it boils down to simple choice between money or freedom. With money comes security so we chose that..

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  1. Habibty – I have missed your posts… have been so busy at work – sorry about the water situation – very surprising for Dubai – Will go through them IA when I catch up on my blog – take care!!

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