Dervish – Charcoal Drawing

Here’s another one transferred successfully to the sketchbook.


I took the outline of dervish from google the rest just happened.


I drew and posted my first drawing on 4th august 2017..(here’s the link )

I look at my first charcoal drawing and I look at this. It’s not some complex masterpiece but it’s a huge progress for me.

I actually know how it happened.

When I made the first one I was with my mom. She is very creative. She watches videos on youtube and do craftwork, mostly with ribbons.

She is not well and I wasn’t well so that’s how we both were killing time. I was taking care of my blog and she was doing ribbonwork.

So, when I drew the parrot (which is actually my brother’s parrot) she really liked it. She studied it and she hit the bull’s eye.

She said “You are being impatient with art. Take your time. Focus on details. Don’t rush. You have a restive nature don’t let it interfere with your work. Take a simple subject. Study it, then, be kind to it. What’s the hurry??”

All of that made sense. Every word of it!

So. Here I am so far. I am enjoying this journey.

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53 thoughts on “Dervish – Charcoal Drawing

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      1. My grandma was just diagnosed with dementia but it is progressing quickly. It’s been really hard hard to watch my grandmas mind slowly fade it is scary. My grandma is 66 years old so i know she won’t be around forever but i don’t think i ever thought about her not being here it is a very heartbreaking thought. my friends mom was like my mom i called her ma lol 😀

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      2. Thank you for the health wishes! 🙂 My friends always called my Grandma “Grama Rosie”. ❤ She loves everyone she always loved to bake when my friends came over and whatever she cook meals or desserts she made everything from scratch. Growing up we never went to the store and bought the stuff to make them because she would makes them from scratch. She even made our breadmaker lol she loved to sow and paint also she was very good at it My grampa went and bought her a very nice and expensive sowing machine and she never used it sh just loved to sow by hand lol

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      3. I love your grandma rosie already. Thank God i am not around i would totally hijack her saying ‘she is mine’
        And looks like she and i share some common ground. I like to cook from scratch as long as im not tired or lethargic as fuck!!! Made my own cottage cheese, crushed my own spices in mortar pistle, always prefered fresh crushed garlic. Never the store bought paste.

        Well.. i am a little lazy these days but i feel motivated 🙂

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      4. Yep she grew the vegetables she used to cook with and her own herbs. We never had store bought garlic. you both definitely do like a lot of the same thing lol she doesn’t do much of that anymore because of her health but I love to go over and we sit and talk forever and we talk about any and everything.

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      5. Ahaha she is like me 😆. I grew my own herbs. Specially basil. I am basil obsessed. Then i had to move so the plants burned. In my mom’s home a lot of ingredients are still home grown.

        I cant do alot now. Time heath and circumstances..
        I would go and talk to all the grannys. I need to find a new one now.

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      6. My grama Rosie was taken off a lot of medications she was on and she is much better I can sit and talk and she is still kinda confused witch is part of the dimetia but she is not completely gone like before it got pretty scary I thought I was gonna lose her my grandpa Mike is pretty sick he had bladder cancer and they removed his bladder and with it removed all of his cancer but now he has lost like 50 and is staying sick and keeps getting UTIs but he tries very hard to stay in good spirits you know I talked before about my aunt that was murdered well last month her son (Sammy) was hurt really bad at work a piece of an airplane fell off of a crane and on to her son was in critical condition for 4weeks on a ventilator and the doctors sad he had no brain activity so my Grampa and the family went to say their goodbyes and they they took him off the ventilator and he asked away shortly after so there has been a lot but my family is strong and my grampa still threw all of it has kept his wacky sense of humor lol

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      7. Oh God. So sorry to hear about your cousin. My condolences to the family.

        Good to know granma is better. These oldielocks are brave women. Warrior kinds. May God give both the parents heath and recovery.

        Grandpas will be grandpas.

        Alot happened in my family too. The year started with a death and closed with a death

        We are coping. Trying to stay strong.

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      8. I’m sorry to hear about you loss I know coping can be strong but i think all the loss has tought me not take my family for granted because tomorrow is never promised. My grampa took an old pair or reading glasses and glued some old perscription pill bottles to them and now everytime someone goes over he says I got some new perscription glasses want to see them and then turn around and he puts them on his face and he cracks up everytime he does it lol he also put the spirally drill bit on his drill and then he gets ice cream and blends it with that and Mae’s a shake out in his barn lmao

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      9. ahahaahaah
        I totally imagined his new glasses 😀 so cute!!
        your grandpa sounds such an amazing person, and funny too. you are blessed to have such lovely grandparents.

        my grandpa was also a funny man. I don’t know where do they all go for training 😀

        ahaha, and he is innovative too 😀

        ahaha give my regards to them 🙂

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      10. I think they get it with age I’m mean my grandpa is in his 60 and he said he likes to be happy and silly because life is to short to be serious and sad or mad all the time and he likes making people laugh I think life does that for all of us all the things I’ve been threw being diagnosed with schizoaffectivei disorder and several other mental illnesses the bulling that even as an adult I still deal with it’s all given me a bit of a warped sense of humor lol 🤣 my grandparents are definitely amazing they saved me from a very abusive Schizophrenic father and a teen mother that was already a meth heat at 15 if they wouldn’t have taken me in I don’t think I would have made it in life I really don’t so I definitely appreciate my grandparents and they are my person lol well people no matter what I’ve done or am going threw I can tell them and talk to them about anything I’ve never lied about anything even as a teen I was drinking a lot my odvoiously never encouraged it but they did want me to be afraid to come to them if I was in trouble I never really got in much trouble tho I was very careful when I was drinking my grandparents always told me if you are drinking do not get in a vehicle with anyone that is drinking if you need a ride we will pick you up but you still have to get up and go to school if you wake up sick and if i some get myself in trouble doing something stupid or dangerous and was arrested they would not bail me out but they never made me feel like they were judging me I will definitely give them you regards and please do the same we are lucky people to have such amazing grandparents 🙂

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      11. I lost my grandpa in the beginning of this year.
        I loved him the most and he loved me the most.
        I love to read your comment about your grandparents. your grandpa is very young. and they are great raised you right.
        thats how parents should raise kids. you can spread awareness, like their teachings.

        right a post about all of this. I will reblog it my friends will love to read it.

        this is exactly a family should be. you are lucky 🙂
        I pray for their health and wellbeing 🙂

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      12. I’m sorry for your loss I can understand how hard it would be. My grandparents definitely did their best to raise me right and I do my very best at doing the right things so they know they raised a good person I try very hard to make them proud they always say they are proud my Grampa told me to make my fears and weakness

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      13. Into a positive thing and I am a very big advocate for mental health awareness I talk openly about my problems and everything I have been threw because maybe someone will recognize something I’m talking about as something they experience then I hope they will know they are not alone in whatever it is they are going threw I will definitely make a post about my grandparents and some memories I have a lot just sometimes they seem to disappear kinda I don’t know why but then certain things make me remember them so I will definitely post about it thank you for the suggestion 🙂

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      14. I will be sure to post more about them our grampa’s definitely sound very similar lol that is good to know I am never sure what to say because I’m just not sure what people will say


      15. Lol there must have been lol our grampa’s both sound very similar we were blessed to have them I have pictures of them on here not sure if they are visible for others to see but if so my grandparents are in the pictures 🙂


  1. Really nice drawing! Also that’s some good advice… I’ve been trying to rush through my drawings. Hoping that I’d learn quickly, but I’m starting to realize that drawing isn’t something I can rush through, so now I’m learning to take my time and focus on the details.


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