The Breakfast Club

So, friends today we are going to be talking about one of the most beloved movies of all times – The Breakfast Club.

The reason is simple… it strikes a chord with almost all of us. Each one of us, who has ever entered the gate of a school.

It’s always been on the top of my list of must-watch movies. I finally got a chance to watch it last year only…and man, I so loved it.

I recommend you watch it with your school/college friends if you can because this is going to take you on amusing yet moving trip down the memory lane.

You will be able to identify these students with somebody from your own class…or maybe yourself.


And every school has at least 1 such teacher :

download (10)

And most of the domestic staff is like this guy:


Then how can you watch it without being nostalgic? …thank God I keep a tissue box right next to me, I recommend you keep one with you too because words and events of your school days will echo the valleys of your memory.

You won’t be able decide if you should be laughing or crying or smiling or sulking…

It’s perfect representation of the age where the kinds of pressures we have been enduring is reaching the brim and this begin to reflect in our personalities.

We are tempted to Disobey the “elders” and question the norms at the same time we constantly try to prove we fit in perfectly. It’s a battle.

You stare into a teenager’s eyes and you can tell what’s going on at their home.

Then friends, either multiply that stress or provide an unbreakable support system that help us survive that phase.

Sometimes, with home environment trying hard to mould us into better citizen/human/person, school ends up becoming our shelter. And friends become the audience of our blatant display of our inner selves, encouraging our bravado.

On the other hand for some teenagers going to school is like going to war. They breathe a sigh of relieve every time they come back home unhurt (mostly emotionally).

When we are born we are a lump of clay. Whatever we do and whatever happens to us gives us new contour, new shape.

I don’t know where is it going…getting carried away while talking about a good movie is inevitable.

Before I eat up further precious minutes of your life let’s have a sneak peak at some of the best lines from the movie.

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