Sympathy?? No Thank You!

This is one of the words I hate… I detest! I can’t stand!

This is one thing nobody wants when everybody voluntarily steps forward to gift it with the shiny ribbon on it…because it “looks” good.

This is one thing we don’t need! Get your facts right!

Yet this is strange…when we don’t get it we complain… we call the other person heartless!

When we tell somebody our problem and they don’t sympathize, this becomes even bigger problem. we think they are inconsiderate. And when they do we think they are treating us like a miserable piece of shit.

Compassion, care, empathy, love, respect…this is all what we need.

But how come one skips all of them and lands on the last thing that nobody wants???

Where’s the line between empathy and Sympathy and why is it so easy to cross?? When I look up theoretically they are treated like synonyms, which is weird.

Why “I care about you” sounds music to the ears and “I pity you” feels like somebody poured lava in the same ears…of the same person???

May be its just me…but I can’t take it.

If you hear about me and you are it!!! Or tell me that you care!!! Don’t come to me telling “o my God I heard that I am so sorry…I feel so bad for you…what a terrible thing for this age bla bla bla”

Seriously??? Now I am feeling bad!!!

Even worse?? “evil eye did this to you” dude!!! If there’s something that anything could do to me, it’s you standing right on my head dumping your pathetic mentality and fake concerns! This is the worst!!! I feel evil eye did THIS!

There’s so much happening around. SO MUCH!!!

Whenever I talk to any of my old friends I get to know something that really hurts. People of my age are literally ruining lives to fulfill expectations of every fucking soul regardless of their significance in their lives.

The society is burning our confident, self-respect, dreams and passions…it’s their energy source. They drain some from our lives to burn their furnace and cook food! Our dreams are literally charred down to feed them.

And what does happen in return… either nobody cares at all…or they directly jump on to sympathize with us.

And guess what’s worst?? The people who conspired day and night to put you in that state and wished something bad happens to you, are the ones who arrive at your door with gallons of crocodile tears. We have a lot going on in our lives… your emotional drama/speech is the last thing I want in my life…because after that I will put you in a state where people will sympathize with you.

I saw a dead pigeon on my terrace today. I had such terrible anxiety attack something weird started happening in my left shoulder.

It’s been 5 hours and I am still shaking all over.

If I tell this to anybody what am I going to get?? “You are sensitive! Chill!!”

I am not sensitive.. I have anxiety for crying out loud!

And anxiety doesn’t mean I am a psycho!!! It doesn’t mean I am crippled!!!

Anxiety means anxiety!!!

Please understand the mental/emotional/psychological state of a person and if you fail to do so please leave them alone.

I have got so much to say here but the details will severely damage my anonymity that I constantly try hard to maintain.

In hard times we all have heard claims like “I am feeling so bad, I wish I could do something, I would only if I weren’t that busy,” and they repeat your ordeal over and over…I just don’t understand why.

Did I ask why aren’t you here?? Did I ask why aren’t you helping??? I don’t fucking need your help I never asked for your call even! And repeating my own misery makes it worse for me. You seriously need education in this department Sir/Ma’am!

I can go on and on.

So let’s just get to the crux of it.

If you care about somebody, show it. Let them know with your actions. If you can, talk to them. Be nice to them. Talk to them about other things. Ask them how’s life treating them. Cook something for them if you have time. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s exceptionally comforting for the person in pain.

Spend some time with them in a very casual way. Formalities put pressure, so whatever you do keep it simple and sweet.

Recommend them some good movie or book. Lend it to them if you have it. Don’t do anything excessively. They shouldn’t feel they lack something in life. They need to feel important and loved.

Sit with them laugh with them.

Simple random gestured of kindness is all we need.

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24 thoughts on “Sympathy?? No Thank You!

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  1. Totally Agreed. There is a difference between sympathy and empathy. People show sympathy than having empathy because showing sympathy is very easy. And the one who shows empathy is the one who cares about you. Love your post.,☺️


  2. I hear you. There’s a very very fine line between intentions and perception which can cloud the way “being there” for someone is perceived. It is impossible for anyone to empathise or rather understand without being in your shoes

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