Absence of “The”

There is something Peculiar about tragedy induced numbness. Your existence starts fading. It drives you into a state where you lose reasons of your actions.

I had a long list of movies to write about but then an accident happened. I had a folder of “movie” in that I had sub-folders “watched” and “unwatched”.

I was in inertia of a tragedy. Now, I don’t even know what I was doing when I suddenly clicked on “watched” folder and chose to delete it. Then it gave a message that said something like it’s a sizeable folder if I want to permanently delete the whole thing?? And my hands automatically clicked “yes”.

And I was sitting there….watching another tragedy unfurl.

I had the best of the movies in that folder….and it was vanishing into thin air right in front of my eyes.

I was just staring at the screen …no reaction… I felt nothing.

After I woke up from my deadness I called my IT pro friend and asked if I could recover it. She said “let it go, right now it’s not worth the hassle”

I downloaded the ones I wanted to keep…AGAIN!!!


Today when I picked my external hard drive and I was planning to write about a movie I really love I couldn’t find it in the watched folder… my heart stop for a second..memories of that day flooded my mind and refreshed old wounds. I was sinking into same inertia.

When i was scrolling down for the last time I found “the breakfast club”. This deserves a face palm right on my own stupid face I was looking for “breakfast club”!

This little “the” was all set to humiliate me and make me feel miserable and irresponsible all over again.

I think I will be needing another post for the movie..

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