The demon..

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You are surrounded by people.. your loved ones..
And you hear its footsteps creeping in..
Tearing the crowd it makes its way..
Taking advantage of its invisibility..
You can hear the footsteps approaching you..
Soft enough to be inaudible to everyone..
Hard enough to plough the ground..
You look around still hoping you misheard it..
and catch a glimpse of its spiteful piercing eyes..
And you break a sweat..
All your confidence plummet to ground level..
You retract steps hoping next moment you will fall of the bed..
And all of this will turn out to be a nightmare..
But these are false hopes..
Something is banging your rib cage from inside..
You want to scream but you have gone mute long ago..
You can’t run…your own body is deceiving you..
You look around but nobody can see stranger coming to get you..
And they are oblivious to your state..
Your skin is cold and you are boiling inside..
Your whole body has split into two separate unit fighting against each other..
Your soul is gone into stupor..
Now its close..
Uncomfortably close..
It throws his sinister smile at your vulnerability..
And you squeeze your eyes shut and wish to go blind..
The moment your fear reaches Crescendo it pierces its shiny claw right in your heart..
And makes its way through the scar..
Invading all your senses..
Bringing your left over strength down on knees..
You have lost…again..
You open your eyes..and you leave the crowd..
And drag your carcass to your dark cave..
Because you are no more the same person..

…it: Anxiety…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


23 thoughts on “The demon..

      1. I know thats what i felt when i started blogging. But when i have to write something its like words start gushing and storming in my mind and i have to write fast. And then i get restless and i have to post it.

        And i take alot of time to draw….so if i start adding my own drawings theres will be 5 6 posts in a month..

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Time to run and hide…
      This is one thing that makes me feel pathetic miserable irresponsible and lazy…i have like 6 7 of them pending.
      Everytime i think…ok next week i am gonna answer to all of them.
      But that never happens..

      I am really honoured you nominated me for an award…i wish you were giving some food i am kinda hungry.

      And i am sorry i am sure i will forget about it too. If you have got any questions just ask man!

      Thank you so much again for underestimating my laziness.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, Balkan is not really a place for you. Actually, I think you could fit right in Bosnia. Slavs and also muslims. Us Serbs, we eat pig fat on bread we so Slav, but we will also made a lamb roast for a holiday. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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