Shrinking Memory Quota!

I saw Finite and my mind drifted to “infinite jest”. now where did I hear that??? The movie the end of a tour” awesome movie! That reminds me I had to write a review of this movie because I really liked it… That was my plan like gazillion months ago… when I hadn’t started exploring my so-called skills.

Back in the day I used to watch movies a lot!

As my mind was touring daily prompt to the movie and review… my tea was praying hard sitting next to me that I don’t forget it exists. The some way hot glue gun was sitting lost in the oblivion right next to me few days back until it planned to burn my finger and bring my short-term memory back!

It’s cold…but drinkable. I heard reheating tea makes it dangerous. Well I have news for you people!! Nothing can beat my immune-system when it comes to being dangerous and I have survived that already. So yeah.. I don’t think reheated tea can do anything to me.

Well… my observation is that people have finite memory…in a very strange way.

Let me explain with examples.. there’s a friend of mine, a genius, always secured position in school. But guess what talking to him becomes a hilariously annoying process.

Whenever a conversation begins he starts asking questions like they never happened. What? Where? How? When? He asks like he wasn’t there, whereas most of the times the incidents have actually happened to him only. As I have literally grown up with him, known him since childhood, I feel like some nurse/doctor/psychiatrist to him, giving him constant reminders.

But embarrassing moments of my life??? Those he never forgets!! He has photographic memory when it comes to remembering every detail of the most embarrassing days of my life!!!

Once when I was tired irritated and mad at him I told him, “You know what it feels like talking to you?”

He said, “What?”

I said, “It feels like we are part of some crappy movie where protagonist has lost his memory and his love interest is told to remind him of his past so that miraculously his memory would come back”.

And guess what he did! He thought for a moment and then he said “yeah I remember such a movie it had this song”…..and he started singing a song….CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??

I don’t know how I stopped myself from strangling him.

“You know there’s one more method of bringing back memory I saw in the movies… hitting something hard on the head of the loony!!! I should try that with you”, I told him trying hard to contain my boiling rage.

Then there’s my best friend (Sam). She remembers things. She has got a good memory. But I am sensing her memory quota is filling up fast.

We were talking and laughing at our school days, that were the best days of our life so far and I said “do you remember that Irish guy the whole school would run after in the recess”

“Who Irish guy”

Now let me give you a little background. When we were in 10th grade we suddenly saw a foreign face in our school. He was our junior and a new comer. Now an Irish kid in a random desi school in a developing country was a rare sight.

He was a nice kid and thank God a good runner!!

Because every day in recess hooligans of my class would start hooting the moment they would see him and they would run after him…and he would run away… both the parties didn’t know why they are running. They never intend to catch him ever!! they would just run!!!

Everyday!!! Whole school would enjoy lunch watching this comical chase.

Once I asked my class mate “why do you guys scare the poor guy”

“We don’t scare him we just run after him”, he replied casually.

“Why?”, I asked.

“We don’t know, but he enjoys it”, they told me to watch closely the next time.

And to my surprise they were right! They all actually enjoyed this incredibly stupid chase.

Well… this entire scene that happened for one whole year has vanished from my friends memory!


It took me about half an hour trying to remind her everything …but she couldn’t remember anything!!

Now as I am writing this I am getting worried for my friends..

But wait…

I might have done things like that too…

Once Sam said “remember that bhago (Run) scene???”

Now “bhago” is “run” in urdu. And we had screamed “bhago” and ran like headless chicken countless time, so I did’t know what was she talking about.

“When we were in 5th grade our class teacher told the whole class of 28 to 30 students to stay back after school as punishment. We had to stay back and our vans were waiting outside and all of us were getting restless as she was standing over our head keeping a hawk eye on us. And then somebody said “bhago” and the whole class ran…literally each and every kid even the shy ones…we ran outside the class out of the school gate sat in our van and off we went..” she told me the whole thing.

Nothing!!! I couldn’t register a single word!

“What!!! When did this happened??” was I absent or what??” I asked in bewilderment.

“No! you were there.” She answered.

“Who said bhago??”, I asked expecting it to be one of the hooligans.

“Your friend did…I did!”, she answered and blew my mind. My friend has been a very calm decend kid the whole life..but this??? Man she made me proud!

But the problem is I don’t remember anything about this jail break.

Only if embarrassing moments could vanish like that…

Well.. that’s all folks!!! I have a cup of tea to take care of 🙂

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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