The Accident

I was talking to my friend on phone while cleaning the kitchen when something came tumbling down from the top shelf …hit the slab and popped open. Its lid still cannot be found.

The rest of the bottle bounced and made a crash landing on the kitchen floor sprinkling contents of the bottle everywhere..

Friend: What dropped??

Me: Saffron..

Friend: Ouch! Whole bottle??

Me: Yea..

Friend: Fudge!!!

Me: …..

I was staring blankly at the scenario, too numb to react.

Friend: You there???

Me: Yea…

Friend: How was it??

Me: Expensive..

Friend: O God.. (you could hear pity and pain ringing in her voice)

Me: ……..

Friend: Now what are you going to do??

Me : Suicide??

Friend: C’mon!

Me: it could be could be black pepper..or salt?? BUT NO!!!! IT’S SAFFRON!!!

Friend: Hey!’s gonna be ok.. breathe..

Me: I am trying to. Will talk later I have to take care of funeral arrangements..

Friend: Ok. Bye

Me: Bye..

I waiting for my senses to return for what seemed like an eternity and Continued cleaning. The only difference?? this time it was an accident scene.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


14 thoughts on “The Accident

  1. This was funny. Man, some really depressed people should seriously consider writing comedies. Why? Those people understand comedy more than other normal people, because they know the value of genuine comedy, and that comedy presents itself only in the most hard moments of life. Write comedy Stoner, write it damn you! 😀

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  2. At least the important head of yours got saved. Imagine loosing saffron on your head with getting a ‘bump’ in reutrn.
    Me:Are you all right?
    You:Well, it was a kick in the head. Literally.

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    1. That happened few days back. I opened the freezer door (the ones above the fridge small ones) and something fell i bent to pick that up and forgot the door was open…when i got up…just lost my senses for a while…was again on phone this time with sis.

      I thought my head would be bleeding but there was some huge bump in hair….couldnt even tell sis what happened just dropped the line..

      I m immune to kitchen accidents 😜

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