The Muse..

Some words hit you like a tidal wave… and when you regain your footing they drench you in the downpour of joy that washes away all your pain…

…this word brought me memories of somebody I had…and somebody I will never have…

Once I was enamored by somebody so intensely that I went blind to the rest of the world… it was like there’s just one soul living in entire world…nothing else existed… took me to obsession, over-possessiveness, extreme selflessness … madness!!!

It all came crashing down and my beautiful dreamland became a wreckage site..

Then there’s this unrequited love… the ecstatic rainstorm…

Have you been Enamored by somebody you know you can never have???

And you are never even going to tell anybody… not even to that person???

You are obsessed but you know you have to hide you don’t have choice… even weirder when it’s not a celebrity crush kind of a thing…

It’s a real person… and you are not a teenager you are grown up enough to identify what’s gushing in your heart.

You imagine that one person in the confines of your own shitty life and it slowly pushes you in euphoria.

All of this is so weird but then I opened my mind a little and look at it this way…treat that person as a muse!

An unbreakable illusion!

The end!!!

Once I had a very philosophical friend. She used to say one-sided love is under-rated. It’s the purest form of love. You feel intensely, unfiltered, without’s the most beautiful thing…

And my answer to that always was… “what a load of crap!!”

But now I understand.

All my life I always believed to be loved by somebody is greatest happiness…

but now I feel to be able to love somebody whole-heartedly without fear of losing them..without fear of rejection..without expectations is the greatest form of love..

No over-possessiveness ..just purest, cathartic, unconditional love.

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  1. I totally and utterly love my husband, but I am enamored with another man, as well. And he is one I cannot have completely. I only partially have him (in a way) maybe once per month. That man knows I adore him and I know he either loves my adoration or does have a real soft spot for me, too. But it’s true, some day I will have to leave him if he doesn’t leave me first. Even if my beloved husband were to pass away before me, I’d know I would be with him again under the birch tree.

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