Prickle or Thorn???

First thing Prickle brings to my mind is prickly heat… yea.. happens when you live in a furnace.

Today is one of those days when wordpress know exactly what to throw your way.

So one of my closest friends was with me today. She has a little garden and so does my mom so there was an exchange of custard apple and limes.

My mom was actually craving custard apple and my friend got it coincidently.

Me: O my God! I wish mom asked for something bigger. This is so sweet of you.

Friend: No. I am not that sweet and they are not for free I want limes.

So we head to pick limes. While we were at it something pricked my finger. She held a lime and twisted it and said, “this is how you pick limes”

Our lime plant didn’t have thorns. And before today, I though only lemon plants have thorns. We continued with my friend’s technique and it worked perfectly.

And oh! Have you ever dared to call a lemon ..lime, accidently????

And when that happened did you receive stares full of disgust screaming “you are so illiterate”???

And were you instantly corrected “they are limes” ??

And then did you wonder what’s the difference because you have been using both for the same purpose??

Has happened to me quite a few times..

The world would be a better place if people weren’t so unnecessarily prickly.

No Subject is prickly. We can be careful with words and discuss anything until it’s directly offensive to anybody.

But if you are surrounded prickly people you can’t even call a thorn a prickle… they will argue because they have been calling it a thorn.

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12 thoughts on “Prickle or Thorn???

      1. This lady, is bullying me. Calling me moron and what not. Calling me even Trump supporter. It’s making me mad. I’m now getting reminded of my school days. Do they even realise what they do when they bully you?

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      2. really?? why??
        what the fuck is wrong with people??
        where is she?? lets go teach her a lesson or 2.

        actually that’s what majority of people are. laugh it off and ignore her. its the best policy.
        whoever you support should’t be anybody’s concern.
        bullies don’t realize anything until the same happens to them… so.. lets karma do its thing and just sit back wait and watch.

        Dont let them influence you. they dont deserve 2 seconds of your attention. you are quite a sensible person. they dont have what you have so let these empty vessel waste their words.

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      3. But I’m not saying anything to her. Just like we are talking now. I talked with my friend and left. The notification pane signalled I got a comment and she just plainly intervened. Nowhere I said anything that I’m a Trump supporter. Now I joked on another post, again out of the blue, her comment. Seriously, that’s rude. I’m not doing anything to her should stop taking my space. I left a message on her site. Hopefully she wouldn’t be jerking me.

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      4. oh. so this is happening here..on wordpress.
        thank God i never had to face anything like that yet.
        just ignore ok?
        this is supposed to be peaceful place. dont ruin your peace delete the comment dont even answer.
        your blog is your territory. dont let anybody ruin your castle.

        relax ok. i will still suggest as a friend completely ignore it dont drain your energy.

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      5. You really are lucky for me. She replied. It was all a confusion. Everything is sorted. Hallelujah.. Thanks but my energy is already drained. But really today’s prompt is giving a negative vibe.

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      6. I will see you around and do remember if you ever want to wish someone Happy Birthday send them that Lego miner video. I am already sending it to my sibling. Although it’s not birthday yet, but Oh well who doesn’t like Fart jokes..

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