I wish today never happened..

I just witness something extremely painful today..

I saw a woman picking up her stuff with a 4 year old in tow..

Eerie dead silence consumed the whole place that was actually full of people..

Not a single word was spoken..

Not a single tear shed..

And everybody just pretended this is not happening.

They stood quiet and indifferent .

She pick her stuff in a Jiffy and just left..

The kid ran after her to catch up..

I felt my heart sinking in a bottomless pit

I might throw up..

I didn’t feel well…

Anxiety kicked in..but I was paralyzed..like everybody else..

I saw a woman surrendering to the patriarchy

A clueless child’s questioning eyes who was oblivious to the whole new life that tomorrow morning will bring for him.

I saw another child cry herself to sleep…

Who will wake up to realize her whole life has changed.

I saw right people supporting the wrong

I saw wrong people acting all so right!

I saw each and everyone taking advantage of their position

And I saw people to go mute deaf and dumb… just because of their position..

I wish I wasn’t there..

I wish I could make anything better

I wish I just wasn’t there..

Today, I witnessed a separation…

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16 thoughts on “I wish today never happened..

      1. After what happened today i feel we all are helpless when it comes to social norms. Sam says marriage has become a social compromise and i totally agree with her.
        In the world today if something happens to you chances are high you have zero chance of survival.

        We can survive illness poverty but we can’t survive cruel social norms. The face of that 4 year old little kid will haunt me forever…

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      2. So, go to a place which doesn’t have these social norms. I don’t think marriage is a compromise. Till like a month ago, I believed in it. But in just one month I have heard so many tales of women and men from my friends and my sibling who chose their own partner, that it made me realise that times really are changing. I think much has to do with economic conditions.

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      3. I dont know i have seen horrible examples recently, and its worse when people cant get out of it just because of social norms. I just have lost believe in alot of things.
        It has nothing to do with economic conditions. Its just human race is getting worse each passing day..

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      4. Look till like 5 to 6 years back, in case of Asian economies women weren’t allowed to go out (forget about living on their own). Men frowned upon the idea of women getting employed. Then, economic reforms happened and suddenly women were living on their own in big cities. They were earning their own money. And also choosing their own partner. Well it doesn’t mean that old patriarchy has withered away or died, it certainly means that at least there is some improvement. I’m telling you, the economics play a huge part in social norms. The other big player is religion.

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      5. Like every other day i talk about this to sam and she coined a hilarious but true phrase ‘first they want us to be rocky then they want us to be madhubala’.
        Studying working and choosing partner is fine.. but then they expect a woman to blindly obey her husband and in laws. No matter how educated she is. No matter what position she has career wise.
        She has to compromise just so that her own family’s name isnt tarnished (thats how she is blackmailed).

        Well. I think its not about religion. Most of the religions are based on humanity and humanity doesnt allow blind one sided brutal obidience.

        Its more about society and what are people going to say. And the culture. Thats where everything is going wrong.

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      6. Well, it’s a start. Considering it took less than 10 years for these economies to open up the idea of women working. And I think the way the no. Of cases in which women are exercising their rights shows that the movement is gaining control. And it has something to with human interpretation of religion.
        Don’t forget the right wingers always proclaim the idea of rigid patriarchy by evoking religion. It gives (according to them) the claim to their legitimacy..

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      7. I just hope you are right about this.
        The reason people started letting women work in my part of world is simply the increasing failure of marriages

        Previously people had this concept that husband will take care of wife till death. Thats what religion says its husbands duty. But then due to family interference, financial pressures, general inflation, this concept is blurring. When something goes wrong in a man’s life his wife is first to support and first to suffer. So the paradigm shift was bound to happen.
        Well.. it doesnt take much. Whatever you do to others imagine happening to you. No religion. No teachings and bruaght up or anything is required to judge what shit you are stirring it anybody’s life.
        Wrong is wrong.

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      8. I agree that’s is why I said human interpretation. But I fear that this thrust will also be short lived. But I read a social report, citing an independent thinking society is bound to have more failed marriages than a conventional orthodox one. The only exception to this rule was China but that could have been attributed to higher literacy rate. Still I don’t think paradigm shift was bound to happen, In societies like Saudi, North Korea and some part of the subcontinent including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh the patriarchal mindset mixed with economic independence has bought forth a new wave of crime, stalking, acid attacks and what not.
        But I still believe, maybe I am wrong that failure of Conformity of religion in private space has created a parallel structure, rather than man made one. So we have two power centres seeking legitimacy to their claim of being pious. In some states there is the unholy alliance of constitution and religion. It’s basically I think catastrophic.


  1. Yes. Woman of independent society know thier rights and actually practice them. They know they are not chained in a marriage and they can break away and live on their own. Hence more divorces.
    You are right about subcontinent but there is another side to crime. Once we were in a debate in class about media and crime and my point was its now openly reported thats why we think its has spread now and it wasnt there before. Yes when are going out frequently culprits have better chance of attacking but they had same pethatic brain.
    I dont talk about politics and religion often because people get rigid about their own and start fighting.
    Being a muslim i will talk about my own faith. As far as i have studied it perfectly secures life of a woman and in no way suppresses her. Whereas people think its the opposite.
    Its culture where we are going wrong not religion.
    In one religion there exists sects. Each one having its own structure and fighting over it. Thats what we have done to religion.

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    1. First of all I don’t think heinous crime were rampant before. The basic idea of riots and degradation of human values is a different area altogether. The rampant escalation in crime particularly to women can be seen in the prism of a) Social norms and values, which promoted the idea that a women should be at home (which under economic liberalisation, was threatened and challenged) b) Orthodox characteristics of power centres which emerge and derive their authority from their interpretation of religious text (which again was challenged).
      Both of them were the pillars of the old order and thus in the new order the segregation had devastating result. So a person who was bound with the idea of ‘women should be home’ couldn’t fathom the idea of ‘working women’. Hence the clash.
      And again Islam is just like any other religion open for interpretation. I have read Quran, but what I thought was a liberal text was not seen by my Muslim classmates as one. For their interpretation was more in toes with ‘Caliph Umar’ rather than ‘Prophet Muhammad’. I told them that some are just simple interpretation, but they didn’t agree. Basically we are in minority when viewing religion from our sight. And don’t even get me started with Indonesia.

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      1. I so agree with your whole comment. The debate where i stated my point was about media’s role in escalation of crime in general. So it was different story.
        I agree with all your points.
        And about religion we are pretty much on the same page. That wgat i think and thats what my dad thinks and we both avoid voicing our opinion because we know people are very rigid about thier own interpretation (actually the interpretation that was spoon fed to them).
        Just right now one of my closest friend came to see me and she is very religious. We were talking about something and i asked is it in Quran? She said no its in details and interpretations..i didn’t ask anything further.

        Once i went to my Grandpa ( he was very religious but an open minded person) he just said offer salah/namaz and dont lie. Worry about compulsory (farz). Then come to me we will talk about the details.

        My dad and grandpa both said never begin from details. Understand the basic concept first.
        So i know why people didnt agree with you.

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