Dutifully UNorganized!

Hmm.. this word itself is enough to dump truckloads of embarrassment on my head.

Organize” and I cannot stay at the same place at the same time.

I am the most unorganized person ever! There are very few things I actually care to be a little organized about.

For the rest…. I am a hopeless case…

You can hide a baby elephant in my room, it literally looks like some burglar, God forbid, ransacked the whole place..

My brother says my bed is a pantry… whichever way you stretch your hand you can magically find food … nobody can starve here…

I have made my own little world on my bed.

If I look around I can see an Agatha Christie… a bottle of bounty shake (don’t worry it wasn’t lying here for a long time I just got it from the fridge)… pencils, my phone , my wallet… a pack of roasted black chickpeas (which I had to pack but forgot, Mom’s gonna kill me any moment)… 2 3 pens…. At least 5 6 shopping lists and small memos…Bar B Q chips …some candies… a dual usb…eraser… sketch pad and a small notebook…a paper cutter… reader’s digest…and I need to stop here!

I think I have freaked you out enough..

And yes my water bottle!

I won’t even begin about headboard here… it had shelves so you can imagine..

This explains my ever-increasing weight…

But I am not filthy… I am a little germaphobe so I constantly clean everything around me with disinfectants…

Once my friend came to pick me up for class. I left the room for a while and when I came back she was carrying my lists screaming “momento!! Momento!!”

That day all the girls in café had something to neutralize their boredom of 5 hours long lecture..

I have tried to mend my ways …but I failed to be honest.

When we are expecting guests I stuff everything in a big bag and put it aside.

And if…I lose something…

Well… when you can hide a baby elephant here.. I don’t even bother to start looking for it!

All I do is take a deep breath and start de-cluttering the whole room!

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


19 thoughts on “Dutifully UNorganized!

      1. My mom went away for a single day, one time. That means she had to stay overnight, right. The next day she returned.. Well let me just say that the filled room filled her heart and mind with anger.. I faced her wrath for the whole day..

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      2. I read it.. Just now. But it’s only because of her that I have to keep my room and wardrobe clean.. My father too, I dare to say is not organised even at his age. He will always organise his important notes and stuff but when it comes to clothes.. He is my father.. No doubt about it..

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