Princess Beanie

Last winter I saw this cute black and plum hand knitted beanie on a facebook page, fell head over heels in love with it and ordered it instantly.

I asked the girl when I should expect Delivery and she said in 15 days.

Well.. those 15 days stretched like chewing gum…

And that to a tasteless one…

Finally, after 2months..when the winter had already bid farewell and it was sweltering hot already, princess beanie honored me with her presence.

And guess what… my best friend had come to see me that day, so I was all prepared for the gang roast to unravel any moment.

The moment I tore the pack open…disappointment hit me like a throw ball in the face (yep..has happened). It wasn’t plum and black.. it was grey and black and I already had a grey one.

Well. My friend snatched it from me and showed it to everybody… and people were literally rolling on the floor.

She said, “Look! What she ordered!!! What are you gonna do with this now??? Do you really feel this cold???”

And my lovely innocent family joined her.

“Use it as a grocery bag… save the’s environment friendly…

Put some ice cubes in it and then wear it. Instant air conditioner in summers…”

…were some of the suggestions while I was fuming in rage and regret.

When such situation arises only saving grace is silence, so I just stood there quietly. I tried donning a bitch face…didn’t work!

Then I tried my signature death stare… that invited further attacks.

Well. When they finally got tired of laughing I took princess B from them, hid it in my wardrobe and swore to never wear it in front of them.

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29 thoughts on “Princess Beanie

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      1. We all have been screwed by the ‘delivery’.. Personally I never bought one. My sibling did.. Alas, let say it was a horrid experience..

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      2. This was the worst. Normally i never had bad experience. I got at after 2 months that too wrong colour and in wrong season..

        Well. I go and check and then buy stuff but in alot of cases its convinient and in some cases only option.

        This is my only bad experience

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      3. Well from a male perspective you could only spend on wardrobe (shoes included) or games(toys included). Basically stupid stuff.. I can’t buy the former and latter I am avoiding because of the eye..

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      4. No no. I just asked because my doctors suggested i go to india as there are some good eye hospitals. And there was one in hyderabad i guess. He said my problem wasnt that rare in india.

        So i was just asking may be you can look up that eye hospital in hyderabad. If you live in india.

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      5. Actually, the problem is the eye disease can be a symptom of this disease. But right now, since I have just recovered from the lung infection I don’t want to risk getting another disease. Either this month or next month, I will go and have a check up with my blood and genes. Right now just happy to watch myself spreading my legs sitting and not on a bed..


      6. hmm what did they diagnose?? did they check ANA? they normally chk that when they doubt autoimmune.
        mine did’t show in ana and not even in biopsy and they checked everything and count find anything at all just crazy inflamation in eye they concluded its autoimune..
        gt yourself checked regularly.
        i am glad you are better

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      7. Yep, although sometimes the eye tends to swallow.. And I can’t watch television.. Strange why don’t they introduce filters like they have in phones? Just 5 secs and my eyes dry up completely.. Thanks you tube and my glasses and mobile filters I can at least watch something like Deadpool 2 trailer or Mario gameplay..

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      8. O God. That sounds awful.
        For drying eyes they gave me artificial tears to use as frequently as required. They don’t have side effects.
        I dont watch tv so didn’t even notice and didnt have vision problem still can see perfectly. Just the swelling was so out of control it could damage the nerve.

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      9. My eyes vision got effected.. And yeah don’t watch television if it’s not having filters.. And your swelling is now OK. Or it is still Recurring?

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      10. umm i don’t watch television..rarely watch it and i didnt feel anything like you just told.
        actually it was inflamed first.. its in lacrimal gland to be precise and its started spreading in the whole orbit. my eye dislocated.
        it only came under control on steroids + cellcept (mycophenolate) +immuran (azatheoprine). but the mass didnt budge.
        there was nothing in blood tests no trace of infection or anything at all.
        and the ye wasnt going back so they performed biopsy (which was also done like a proper surgery) again nothing was diagnosed.
        just an unknown mass.
        then they did a cycle of radio therapy (10 session) even that didnt do much.

        then i started having side effects. size of my blood cells started decreasing was the scariest one for which docs started tapering meds.
        now i m not on medication Alhamdolillah. but the mass is still there
        for that i have to have a major surgery.
        it hasnt recurred after i quit meds. but quitting wasnt easy you have to be very careful.
        so now i m just giving some rest to my system.

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      11. That’s scary. Well we can only control what we can. So just rest and take your time. I hope soon both of us will start working. And perhaps these problems will be all behind us.. Take care and sleep.. Rest and Eat.. Also watch some funny stuff.. It helps..Au revoir..

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      12. No I have but that was your stage, your moment, didn’t want to interfere.. After all friends stand beside not in front.. Take care.. And Congratulations..

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