The Amble

Qualms seeping through your humble steps

Being sucked into the abyss

Relieving your conscience

A faint smile constant on your face

Your nerve relax

Words unbraiding your soul

Setting it free

Just words…

Effortless yet miraculous words

Like suspended raindrops around you

Then silence fills the air

Laughing smiling playful silence

Vigorous in expression

And when you meet his gaze

An enigmatic ecstasy

Zap through you

Tormenting your every cell

All you miseries..

Has blurred into this Amble

Lost in the magnificent play of calm and chaos

Buried deep and elapsed

Your senses drifted into a euphoric state

When your heart screams “it’s perfect!”

And you calmly agree…..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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