Goodbye facebook!

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I’m trying not to think about you
Can’t you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
I should’ve known you’d bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do…

Ok! I need to shut up

As title suggests I deactivated facebook today…

I was thinking about a title for this post and the James Blunt song “goodbye my lover” rose like a mummy from the dust and debris of memories.

And my mind mechanically drifted to “goodbye my almost lover”. Since I love! love! love! this song so extremely it just stuck on my tongue like an stubborn octopus.


To the post..

I never felt like posting a lot about myself and personal life. But it was always a necessary as I have geographically dispersed family and a lot of friends. So it was convenient way of bringing everybody in one zone.

It was a necessity that has been helpful often times but there was a dark side to it that can be summed up as “it’s a fake fake fake fake world”.

People either show they are living in utopia or the universe is conspiring against them.

It blurs the boundaries of idealism and realism.

Silent Amblers like me unintestinally start feeling deceived and confused.

And avoid checking it every now and then is not possible.

So I thought why not take a break.

Let’s see what difference does this make…


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  1. Totally agree on your decision to deactivate Facebook. It is so harming in many ways that can’t be described. It’s all in the way people approach social media and use it.

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  2. I stopped using facebook over a year ago now and I feel so much better for it. It sounds stupid but you feel like you can live your life the way you want to without worrying about who will see what you’re doing and trying to impress anyone but also by not living your life by measuring it against any one else’s standards. I found it really refreshing!

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    1. Wow. You belong to a very rare breed. Even my mom has her fb account. I thought alot about deactivating but we literally live in 4 5 counties. And i had so many friends it looked like an only option.

      But right now. At this point i dont feel its important. Maybe i just dont want to be surrounded by irrelevant people anymore

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      1. Yeah, now not having an Fb account mean, very hard to get jobs.. Seriously.. And 45 countries.. Really.. Don’t tell me you belong to a royal family..

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      2. Don’t you know? Basically if you don’t have an online presence, you don’t exist.. Don’t tell me.. There are articles in NY times, Economist and documentaries on this new way of recruitment..

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      3. Umm actually it depends. I know what papers say.
        But in real life this is not set in stone. My ex employer never even asked and i never added my colleagues. Haven’t been working lately.

        I hope it stays the same. I m not good at maintaining online presence.

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      4. I am being bullied into building one. Aw seriously.. Why? Cause we don’t know you.. It’s creepy.. And my online presence is this ‘Anonymous’ Blog.. Go figure.. Either have an online presence with only 3 friends or don’t have a presence of prospect in the dream job that you want to land.. It’s getting worse..


      5. I know but I trust who to share it with. And beside its a moniker. And I remain ‘Anonymous’.. Thank you.. And those outside of WordPress will not see my email. So all good.. Still anonymous… It’s not like a professional email id..

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      6. Yep, by going only to websites that are written by good and real people and commenting on them. Why would anyone want to screw me up?

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      7. Nah, the only privacy setting setting in WordPress are to change the site under my site from Public to Private. So you send invites to people.. Really.. I opened another account before that one (just 3 days before) and that private one email got hacked.. And spammed.. Screw it, I thought and open a public site..

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      8. Yep, reminds me of what my teacher said If you own a Ferrari, people will know you are rich.. So own a Beetle.. It’s the same with private blogs.. Too much attention..

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      9. I feel so dumb right now. I cant wrap my head around the difference between private and public blog. I m sure i read it when i made mine.
        Anyway. All is well untill somebody i know can’t find me here. And that hasn’t happened yet. I keep an eye on countries i m getting views from. The 2 countries i swing between hardly appear. So all’s well!

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      10. You think mine are normally acceptable?? Maybe they are somewhere.
        It took me effort to carve this nook. I just dont want anybody to ruin this. This is one place i express myself freely.

        I dont know i came here for peace if i could find it elsewhere i would have made this place public. I dont feel people appriciate the way i feel about things.

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      11. True that, I think yours are normal.(Why would anyone think otherwise, I can’t understand.) Anyway, feel free.. And stay true.. And don’t get stoned with cannabis.. Stoner..


      12. I’m pulling your leg.. I had to Google that word and it shows much worse narcotics.. Hmm.. Your dad should just say absent minded or an ass like my dad calls me..


      1. Be very careful what you wish for, I may not have Facebook to worry about but there are plenty of other things, we all search for that peaceful life but damn it’s hard to find! But never quit searching!

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  3. Staying or Quitting FB is your call to make. But the entire piece was written very well indeed. Liked it!! 🙂 Incidentally I don’t have FB on my mobile, only on my laptop and I check it only at a specific time. So no compulsions, no distractions!! 🙂

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  4. Dude, you got problem with people, not FB. That’s why I have double profile. One for fakes, one for true friends and quality socialization. I know people for having multiple profiles, or just make a profile, forget the password, create another and so on. 😀 Anyway, your decisions, I can’t make you do something you won’t. Take care. 😀


  5. Well, why I am still on Facebook:
    1. I have learned so much about my running following right blogs.
    2. My eating habits has improved because of ancient way of eating ( not ancient but right way of eating).
    3. Globally connected to friends and family.

    PS: I have all notifications off from all media. When I feel or I have a time to go and see what’s in for me.

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  6. “It just stuck on my tongue like a stubborn octopus. ” What an analogy! It gives me a visual that just both creepy but was brilliant in how you get stuck on something you can’t get out of your brain. A song, a title, a phrase, an image… like this one. This is a great post. How many times have we all tried to walk away from social media and failed.

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      1. I’m glad. I stayed away from it for awhile as so many were hooked on the activism of anti- Donald Trump and anti establishment. Many were getting angry, upset depressed over LIFE -?…and having arguments…. even my family! I just couldn’t handle it. So I walked away for a while. Now I’m back and ignore the activists and the posts that say “woe is life because of the bad” and stay above the fray for the most part and focus on the humor and the friendships. My family is scattered across the world do this is how we remain connected. That’s what I focus on. Bottom line? You do what keeps you in the present moment and at peace. Best wishes my fellow chai tea lover.

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      2. same here. very scattered family, you just leave a status and everybody knows you are in town and avoid the hassle of calling individually… in that case it has been working for me so i didnt dissolve my fb messenger. but fb account was getting on my nerve and bothering my brain circuits.
        deleting it is keeping me at peace right now. last see how long this lasts.

        thank you so much 🙂


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