Adorable Partnership

My sister is here today with her little monkeys.

These incredibly smart little secret agents are Partners in crime.

They defend each other.

They gang up on almost everybody.

I was talking to my sisters and my niece was sitting on the same bed, her eyes glued on her tab. We thought she is busy watching cartoons, until I saw her nodding. Then suddenly she said “oh” in unison with us….

So yeah they gather info all the time.

I feel they are working for somebody, or each other, as we have caught them synchronizing information in hush hush voices quite a few times.

Today my nephew totally blended in the kitchen cabinet, listening to every word we were talking about. I don’t understand are they chameleons??? Or we go blind to them.

I called them for this picture and they eyed me with suspicion I told them I want to capture their Friday look in a different way.

They have most astounding code language.

They were getting lectured by their dad and in the end he told both of them to stay quiet.

Then we observed something unbelievable. They were communicating in facial expressions!

After like 5 minutes their parents started giving them death stares and all 4 of them started communicating in this secret code language that doesn’t need a single word.

I can’t explain what I witnessed.

They are real life “The Incredible”.


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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