You extend your hand
Through the dense cloud of mist
And there’s nobody to hold it
And nothing you can hold onto
That’s when it hits you hard
Life is a Foggy path
You have no idea
Who is hiding in next few steps
Or who will abandon you
Or what incidents
Good or bad
And waiting to happen to you
You can only walk
And let your instinct lead you
Sometimes it knows more than you do..

Copyright Ā© 2017 stoneronarollercoaster ā€“ All rights reserved


26 thoughts on “Foggy

      1. Nah, the journey is started and ended alone.. In between there is society.. Culture, traditions, languages and not to forget people.. Yes, choices are made alone.. Even though they are given..

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      2. Not having a lot is different than not having anyone. Relax.. I felt the same way thinking Journey was alone.. But it isn’t.. Never was never will be.. Of me or for anyone else for the matter, I think..

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      3. So you have me, Sam, your brother, parent, not to mention the monkeys.. that bully you.. You trying to get away is only by pushing them.. Acceptance is hard to fathom.. But easy to ignore.. Sooner or later it will knock on your door.. And ask again ironically for acceptance..

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      4. OK, take care.. And mind not asking which movie.. Toy story..? And you didn’t fail maybe I have monkey brain.. Be happy.. Take care Au revoir..

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