Mental paralysis

Have you ever felt you are slipping back into the pit you took ages to crawl out of?

This is demoralizing.

When quotes, music, writing, everything suddenly stop working.

The fear of being propelled back to your mental stone age is hard to explicate.

The fear of losing your focus and getting lost in a tornado

That keeps whirling at the same fucking place.

This mind numbing fright snatches away your hard earned peace.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


24 thoughts on “Mental paralysis

      1. So you are a thinker.. I’m a drifter.. It’s good but bad for your health(as well as mine)… I think environment plays a whole big mess.. That’s why you want that ‘space’ if you can’t get it.. You try to find things that makes you feel good while you were in that ‘space’. You will realise eventually that latching isn’t the solution… It wasn’t for me at least..

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      2. I knoe its not healthy thats y i try to divert my mind. But i cant ignore it because my fears end up transpiring.

        I talk to close friends they know how to help.
        Going back to the square one is not something i can afford right now. Its one of my biggest fears.

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      3. Who says of going back to square one? Alright try to do this mind trick.. See your fears(in mind) and then see your face.. (in the mirror).. If you don’t like what you see.. You yourself will change it.. Many people see themselves but don’t observe..

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      4. Fear in your eyes, controlling your soul.. You say you are a believer in faith right? Have you heard of the story of Moses and the man ordering food from out of thin air.

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      5. U r a serious drifter i swear.
        I am shitting bricks here and you are taking me on a historical trip.

        I cant even look at mirror right now i am that scared. I know i will start crying.
        I am having terrible anxiety after a very long time. Its very hard to explain.

        My intuition was warning me something bad is gonna happen… and it just happened. This is was fear of something i wasnt aware of.

        And another one is something i already know i will be facing in a few days.

        Suddenly i have lost all my strenght and i am just dazed and confused and anxious. It feels loke your ribcage will crack open.

        I wish i could comprehend let alone control whatever is happening.

        And i dont know y i am wasting your time here

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      6. You are not wasting my time. Take a breath and don’t fight it.. Hmm.. Look tell me something.. You created yourself right. You got success on your own.. Yes there were others to support you but in the end you decided to do it.. And that means you were in control.. Now remember this feeling and think if anyone could have taken a claim for that success.. No one.. Similarly in bad situations.. Only you can slay the fears and face them.. Others will say Oh do this.. Oh.. Do that.. But they are just sitting on the fence.. While you are fighting.. So.. Kick the fear in the nuts.. After all it can only harm you after it gets the permission and you will never give it..

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      7. I made myself and it wasnt easy. I had to fight for things that come easily to most of the people. Then i destroyed myself to please everyone else. That was my choice. When nobody can take claim for my success, i can’t blame anybody for my distruction.
        I am having anxiety attack

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      8. Relax.. OK so you fall down. Now just raise your face. Is there any hand? No.. And now see your legs.. So do you think if there was someone who was trying to help you could have done it if you didn’t have the will to pick yourself up? So just put your palms on the ground, bend your knees and push yourself to stand up.. And when you do, you will see that you were standing on your own two legs like before. No one was supporting you.. As you were standing on your own…

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  1. I have “personified” mine. I have told it I am breaking up with it. And it has to leave. Amazingly enough this has worked for me. Now if I see the paralysis peeking around the corner I can tell it ( him/her) to bugger off and it goes or at least just sits at the doorway and does not come right in and take over.

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      1. I applaud your courage and you are doing the best you can. I am older now and I think that, in my case, the end of hormonal cycles has made for a quieter life. Best wishes to you!


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