Holey Statues

Lust for supremacy comes natural to us

This desire makes us and destroys us simultaneously.

We crave for authority, attention, admiration to stimulate our ego.

To reach at the top of the world and prove what a God’s marvelous creation we are.

On one hand this hunger drives us to push the boundaries of our own competence.

On the other hand it devours on our compassion like termites

And leaves us selfish, heartless, holey statue standing at a mountain, serving no purpose.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


14 thoughts on “Holey Statues

  1. As Buddha said the root to all evil is desires.. So one should control them.. Wonder why didn’t anyone asked how can we control desire with another desire..?

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    1. Let me try on the last part – why did not anyone asked how to control desire with another desire?
      We all know iron cuts all and nothing cut iron except iron itself.
      Similarly to control the desire no other desire except that desires itself will control. For example one has to know the difference between need and want. For example after run My body would need water for hydration but my mind would desire for sweetened drink for taste and instant gratification of 5 miles I did on Monday morning.
      To keep desire under control I will go with water and eat some fresh fruits.

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      1. Yes it was a trick question. Most people criticise Buddha for this statement.. But I am of the fond opinion that no one understood Buddha as he says to control it, not to end it. If the life of Buddha is to be read than he went for the middle-path after he got tired of extreme penance.. So basically the middle path is the best way to go.. So have desires but also don’t spill them.. I basically ask this question.. Because.. I want to see if someone responds positively or negatively to it.. And also a good explanation by you..

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      2. i am aware of the concept of finding the right balance, and self-control (as per my faith). i understood this point perfectly.

        i couldn’t understand the other desire. but our friend came up with a good explanation. its actually making sense.

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      3. I know you do. Buddhism is actually atheistic religion. The first line of evoking Allah’s name also say, I don’t believe in anyone.. (Followed by except Allah), hmm.. Strange Faith and right balance that’s a bit extreme.. My words would be Subjective interpretation of faith.. But I could be wrong..

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      4. 🙂
        the things is i don’t consider myself pious enough to go into details of teachings of my faith. i am a firm believer but not a very practicing one (i wish i was) by no means i think i am capable of preaching/explaining.

        its a sensitive and personal topic. everyone finds other faiths strange because they are not attuned to them.

        but there are a few things/concepts that are very similar everywhere for example lying is a sin in every religion. just a small example.

        i think controlling desires and finding the right balance is one of those concepts.

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