Hopeless Chai Addict

ok guys.. i am a chai addict…

If its afternoon and i am suffering from splitting headache, having brain fog and watery eyes i run straight to the kitchen and make a good strong hot cup of chai.

chai is the answer to everything.

chai doesn’t ask questions

chai doesn’t judge you for being a hopeless romantic

chai is love

Chai is actually a type of tea

i brew loose black Teaย leaves with cinnamon or cardamom with more water and less milk (i prefer it strong) until it smells electrifying!

I can’t just live without tea. 2 cups a day is compulsory. One with breakfast other one in the evening.

When i was working 1 more cup automatically made its way in the lunch break.

Even though i get addicted to things people very easily, a behavior i regret and constantly try to over-come.

This is one addiction i don’t even try to control.

28 thoughts on “Hopeless Chai Addict

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  1. I was introduced to Chai at the ripe old age of 60โ€ฆand have such love of it that when I go on a trip I take my own supply. Never know when someone will have chai on a menu!

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  2. I am surrounded by people who are chai addicts like u. Even my husband needs it otherwise a headache is sure.But thank God i escaped this addiction. I would surely prefer green tea or coffee over ur chai.

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    1. I love green tea too.
      I have coffee rarely as i live in uae mostly and coffee could set me on flames quiet literally.

      But chai is life!
      Cant survive a single day without it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I left the tea addiction. I woke up my parents had to leave a day before.. And my brain was pounding for the need of tea. (I still don’t know my way around kitchen). So I kicked the habit out next day.. Good riddance..

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      1. Nah, because I realised if only for a single day I was not getting high on tea, my head was hurting. Who would want to live this way?

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