Beautiful Souls

Harmonize…What a rhythmical expression.

This resonates with everything so elegant and…ocean…rain..Rumi, classics.. and grandparents, especially grannies..

I was waiting for the ice cream vender outside my home when I saw this beautiful angel coming in my direction, walking slowly and gracefully.

When she was nearer I looked at her and smiled.

Me: Assalamo-alaikum (I greeted her)

Granny: Walaikumasalam (she greeting back and the sweetest cutest smile touched her small wrinkled pink lips)

She reached near me and sat on the edge of one of the raised flower beds.

Granny: This old age..aahah (giggling and silently, slowly panting). How is your mom?

It dawned on me she already knew my family though I saw her the first time. She is mother of our neighbor. We talked for at least 15 minutes. All this time she talked about hope.

She must be in her 80s. Decades of wisdom shone in her eyes and yet she was so humble. Her beautiful smile never left her face. Her words had power to untangle and calm your soul.

She was radiating serenity.

And it unveiled to me…these beautiful souls harmonize the chaos we stir in the world.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Souls

  1. Beautiful writing and I love the picture. Love this line – “these beautiful souls harmonize the chaos we stir in the world.” and agree with it. Children are very blessed if they can have the influence of loving grannies and grandpas.

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