The menacing lion pacing in his cell

Whipping the stale air

Huffing in rage

Eyes set on flames

Scratches the Dormant walls in vain

Leaving marks of his torment

On his eternal confinement

He lurches to the iron bars

With immense force

Anticipating some reaction from the audience

That stood at a distance

Enjoying the helpless struggle

He shrieks and roars

They clap and giggle

He retreats and coils in a corner


Crushed ….

His eyes meek…

All he could hurt is his head and persona

All he could break is his claw and pride…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


15 thoughts on “Aggression

    1. its about anger. i have had serious temperament issues all my life. its hard to handle yourself when rage take over. i noticed a trend whenever i got mad i would shout scream go crazy whenever i was right to prove my point. but nobody cared about my point they just saw me getting agitated. and in the end when i would cool down i would feel so guilty for behaving like that and defeated for wasting my energy time, weight of my words, everytime.
      so its just summary of my own anger issues.
      i have worked on it now its a constant effort. its a process.


      1. Uhmm did you address the root problem like why do you have to scream or rage? What is the reward in that? Did it work in the past while now it is not.
        You seem like a really creative and patient person, and you would be able to solve any problem with these two traits.

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      2. umm honestly i think i kinda inherited it from men of my family 😀
        its sounds wierd but all of elders (men) of my family had same issue. they are very loving caring kind everything but we all lose our shit at the drop of a hat.

        its just what i think.

        it never worked! there wasnt any reward. it tarnishes your reputation. nobody listens to you. in fact they start taking you for granted. you lose significance of your words. all of this forced me to change.
        i would feel so miserable and guilty afterwards i would sit and cry “why did i do this”.

        you to a million things for somebody and you shout at them… you have lost everything!

        so yeah i had to tame my temperament


      3. If someone really likes you and knows you well, they would not get offended if you scream at them. I am not saying it is a correct way of dealing with problems, but they shouldn’t be that offended and you shouldn’t be that ashamed. Well you seem that you are a really good person and you let things accumulate until you burst. Try to solve problems on the spot and to communicate your view points more often and you will not get to that point.


      4. the thing is i used to feel horrible after yelling at them. if you really like someone you cant just hurt them even a slightest bit. so you hate yourself afterwards. thats the biggest reason i changed.
        actually you are right. that used to happen alot but now i have so much going on if something happens i always have a couple of more problems to deals with at the same point. so i just get busy with life and that fit of anger eases automatically.


    1. my anger is not confining me anymore.
      i do have serious health issues i cant work and all but it hasnt stopped my life. it has directed it to alot of different option that i never considered before.

      i am a dreamer. cant slow down my mind. i have a long bucket list i keep on adding things to it. i have already started on fulfilling some of my dreams/ wishes.

      the key is to value time and whatever you have. we are never empty handed.

      i know i might not have a very long stable life, this is not possible. so why not make the most of today???


  1. OK, so you are like me…(if you harbored it all inside) if you expressed it(you are like my Dad).. Hmm.. Serious anger issues.. Just to be clear.. The former one is more damaging..


  2. On a totally pedestrian note after the preceding comments…… poor lion. In time he will not longer lash out. His spirit will be broken and he will just languish in his cell and the audience will say he is boring. The lion free on the savannah however is proud and noble but often hungry. And…I am not drawing any comparisons to humans although it would be possible to do so. Enough from me!

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    1. Thats the point he gets so tired in the end. All the rage and struggle doesnt yield anything at all.

      You are right about thr free lion. To stay on his throne he constantly needs to hunt and feul his pride. Thats his nature.

      I always compare my own fits of anger to the situation of this lion. Thats exactly how it used to feel.

      Thanks alot for thoughtful comment. I appriciate it 🙂


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