I could never get over Linkin Park’s numb

And i don’t think i will get over this!Ever!

Do i even need to elaborate on what Linkin Park is to music??

I am way too numb to write anything..

Rip Chester Bennington..


27 thoughts on “Numb!

      1. I wonder if my best friend knows. I WhatsApped her but haven’t got a reply yet.
        Few days back i told her “‘numb’ is background score of my life. Play it in the video or something when i am gone if u plan to make one.”

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      2. Thinking so far ahead, when you have barely lived a third of your life.. Hmm.. And I can’t control my own life.. What someone do after I am gone is hardly going to be any concern of mine (or for that matter yours).. Hmm.. This is the second time today I have been told this.. People are literally planning way ahead…

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      3. But mentioning it does mean something. People of our generation are too eager… I blame it on political (and economical numbness)..

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      4. I was thinking about a debate.. I had in college (behind close door of course).. The topic was so sensitive that the guy opposing my views got engulfed in flames of anger.. All the while I was thinking let me finish what I’m saying (than you can kill me..)

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      5. No, I mean people get offended way to easily. It’s so different when people who are a generation above us talk. They talk. We… Let’s say we do anything but talking.. That’s why I said our conversation gave me a good for thought..

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  1. Ok. I got it.

    I have a different opinion about generation above us.

    Talking is easier if you judge less and listen at least. You dont have to agree to everything we all are different.

    Only person i can talk to without fear of being judged is my best friend. Because we actually set rules when we became friends. I posted about it actualy some time back.

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    1. No.. I am not saying they are better (or we are worse).. But you must hear how intolerant the world is becoming.. And I think we are way more judgemental.. You are different, open minded.. But not everyone will be willing to have an attitude like yours.. That’s what I don’t like. Aren’t educated guys and girls should be liberal in their views. Since when has ‘We are right’ became different from ‘Might is right’..

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      1. i understand completely.
        everyone must be liberal in their views but speaking them out get them into trouble. i am still learning to keep my mouth shut when everybody is fighting “i am right”.
        i have started ignoring all this crap seriously. this is so draining. i literally go deaf at times people go to ridiculous lengths to defend their idea.

        well… i am a misfit almost everywhere. so i have started avoiding to even speak up my mind until i know i am in a sensible gathering at least.
        i do all of this here.. on wordpress.. its way easier.

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      2. Outside of my classrooms. From 1st-8th standard. Teachers didn’t understand me. Ostracised. A loner. Life was good except for bullies. Hated them.

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      3. Can’t say it was easy. But that’s in the past. The trees are still standing there, tells you something. Nature never abandons…

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      4. So, I am going to take a leave. Au revoir, my good friend. Always smile. Know you’re cut from a different cloth.. That means you are special.. Not ordinary but special..

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