Insomnia- a blessing in disguise!

Regardless of countless Disastrous effects of insomnia, there are tonnes of perks of the condition that a non-insomniac might never enjoy.

My 1st apartment was on the 4th floor and there wasn’t any building blocking the view, it gave way to all kinds of artistry.

My ceiling was a canvas… passing cars would cast an ever-shifting kaleidoscope on it.

When I would look up at the window I could see and feel Rumi’s one of my favorite quote:-



I am insomniac since forever.

I never slept on time…I would hardly sleep for 3 4 hours a day when I was studying or working.

Insomniacs have a little different thought process than people with normal sleep patterns.

They have vivid imagination as their creative juices flow violently at night.

They are intensely perceptive because every pleasant or sour memory hits them the hardest when they are alone lying in the darkness.

If they are inclined to writing, being insomniac can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. When they begin to weave their stories under the stars there is nothing that can hinder their story knitting.

We are good at walking in dark, as we are prone to late night hunger pangs.

Nobody dives into a movie or book the way we do.

I have my mom and sisters in my room right now so it took me at least 2 3 hours to write it when I could to it in half an hour if it was my favorite time of the day.

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4 thoughts on “Insomnia- a blessing in disguise!

  1. Hello. Because you are so awesome, I nominated you for the Mystery Blog Award. I hope you will accept the nomination and participate in the fun. I look forward to reading your answers to my questions and learning more about you. If you are interested in accepting this award and particiapting, the information is at Thank you for sharing your journey. May your life overflow with blessings always and forever. Love and hugs. Sue


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